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Case Study

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Founded in 2015, Legology is a beauty business built around a passion for looking after and celebrating great legs. The brand is dedicated to providing inclusive support for leg shape, comfort and health for all!


Performance blindness

With a focus on all things leg health and beauty, this innovative brand had tapped into a niche area of the market that quickly earned them a fan base of international leg lovers and prominent retailers such as Cult Beauty and Lookfantastic. With customers eagerly snapping up their line, they continued to feed the growing demand for better legs everywhere!

Pins for the win!

There was just one problem – more sales meant more siloed data, increasing Legology’s dependence on Google Analytics for reporting and further obscuring their understanding of customer behaviour. The brand also had little to no visibility from retail partners on the success of their products, making it difficult to align stock with demand.  

Their momentum was visible, they just needed to be able to measure it!


Infrastructure to support growth

The Conjura platform gave this brand the leg up they needed with analytics infrastructure that would scale with the business and automated reporting that increased visibility across their B2C and B2B channels. Now, the team no longer had to spend time sifting through copious amounts of data to produce meaningful insights and had the confidence to make data-driven marketing investments. 

Their use of the customer retention dashboard gave Legology a deeper understanding of their customers’ behaviour, highlighting the cyclical nature of their products’ repurchase rate. With this information they were able to automate educated CRM nurture campaigns that would remind customers to repurchase a few weeks before running out, they could also see if customers were repurchasing too late (a potential indicator of incorrect usage) and trigger an email to educate them on how to use their products more effectively, amongst other targeted messages! 

Where previously Legology could only access topline B2B revenue data through their accounting system, the Conjura platform enabled them to see this information broken down by individual product/SKU revenue. This combined with their newfound visibility on consumer behaviour trends was used to inform their ideal B2B product mix based on what had previously performed well.


Visibility across B2b & B2C

The Conjura platform gave Legology a crystal clear picture of their entire business, helping them to understand how well their customers, products and sales were aligning with their strategic goals, resulting in 223% more online customers and a 321% increase of online revenue year on year!

Being able to match supplier sales data against their own consumer trends created a more seamless partner experience by allowing them to recommend data backed percentages of the products that should be purchased. As a result of this new visibility Legology’s B2B revenue increased 74% from the previous year!

With results like these, nobody can deny that this business has legs!

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