5 Bullet Friday: Fran Quilty

Welcome to our very first edition of 5 Bullet Friday! This will be a bi-monthly post with insight into what the people of Conjura are loving, using, reading, watching, thinking about that week. Do also be sure to check out our next 5BF with our Solutions Consultant Colm Kelleher.

For our first 5BF, we introduce our CEO Fran Quilty

  • What I’m listening to / watching:

Throughout Covid and the lockdowns I’ve been lucky enough to walk the dogs each morning for an hour and utilise the time to listen to multiple podcasts and audiobooks. I generally rotate from lighter material such as sports podcasts (my favourite is Second Captains), business / startup podcasts (my favourite is Acquired) and heavier audiobooks (the latest one I’m listening to is Sprint by Jake Knapp, which is relevant to the product feedback work that is ongoing in Conjura right now). I do find much of my upskilling comes in these hours of startup podcasts and audiobooks and have found lots of the material to be relevant to Conjura.

In the evenings I tend to watch some episodes from a series on Amazon Prime, recently finishing Goliath, Bosch and Jack Ryan all of which were really enjoyable.

  • Interesting thing I’m enjoying:

I found the three Acquired podcast episodes on Warren Buffett and Berkshire Hathaway to be fascinating. The episodes charter Buffet’s investment principles over time and his obsession with compounding returns. They also discuss his blind spot to tech investing in the last 10 years which I hadn’t fully appreciated until listening to the detail.

  • Interesting work happenings:

The ongoing fundraising discussions are extremely interesting as conversations with institutional investors cover everything from customer unit economics, the market opportunity, go-to-market strategy and customer engagement.

  • Work shoutouts

I am blown away and extremely excited about the pace of innovation across every aspect of what we do. It feels like we are now generating more ip than ever before and in the process of building something special.

  • What I’m learning about:

  1. Developing our outbound sales funcrion is a key component to our growth plans and involves experimentation which is thoroughly enjoyable.
  2. Working on our product design sprints is another area of interest for me at the moment and is fun to be a part of.