5 Bullet Friday: Jesus Gomez

Welcome back to 5 Bullet Friday! This bi-monthly post gives you insight into what the people of Conjura are loving, using, reading, watching, thinking about that week. Do go back and check out our previous 5BFs with:

This week’s 5BF introduces our Data Analyst Jesus Gomez!

What I’m listening to:

I am usually listening to music while working and Coccolino Deep is probably on most of my days. There is something I really enjoy about these sessions, where electronic music is mixed with movie scenes, Interstellar is definitely one of my favourites.

Ludovico Einaudi is probably second on my list and his album I giorni is the one that I would usually have on repeat.

What I’m learning about:

A few months ago I decided to start a game development journey, in the last few months I have been doing several C#, unity and pixel art courses. The coding part is going great as expected, but I have to admit that I still need time to improve the art side. It’s a lot to learn! There is so much theory even on how to use colours properly and build a palette.

I feel quite lucky that there are so many online resources to learn from nowadays.

> Learn to create an RPG game in Unity
> RPG core combat creator
> The complete guide to creating games in Unity 
> Pixel art master course

What I’m reading:

I just finished reading Turn the Ship Around! and I have to say that I loved it, it is the story of Captain David Marquet’s and how he changed the leadership style of the U.S Navy turning Santa Fe from the worst in the fleet to the most successful within months.

Leadership and culture are becoming increasingly important within companies, I believe that employees are the most important assets within a company and it is important to understand them to unlock a company’s full potential. Coming up next on my reading list is Creativity, Inc.

What I’m enjoying:

I really enjoy cooking and having friends over for lunch. I usually invite my friends on Sundays and I cook paella or risotto for them, now that winter is coming I will be adding a Spanish stew called cocido to the list as well. It is becoming a very cool tradition especially because it brings together all my friends in London, who have become my chosen family.

The biggest lunch so far was a paella for thirty people, maybe Conjura can help me step up my game.

Quote I’m enjoying:

“Continuous effort, not strength or intelligence is the key to unlocking our potential”

Winston Churchill or Liane Cordes (not sure who really said it)