5 Bullet Friday: Seoid Ni Laoire

Thanks for joining us for another 5 Bullet Friday! This bi-monthly post gives you insight into what the people of Conjura are loving, using, reading, watching, thinking about that week. Do go back and check out our previous 5BFs with our CEO Fran Quilty & Solutions Consultant Colm Kelleher

This week’s 5BF introduces our Senior Data Analyst Seoid Ni Laoire!

  • What I’m listening to:

I’m not a big podcast listener, but two favourites that I’ve picked up along the way are:

Ecommerce influence – this one was recommended to me by the team at Wayflyer.  I’d recommend it to anyone who’s interested in learning more about ecommerce and getting into the mindset of the type of businesses we work with!

Ted Radio Hour on NPR is a big favourite of mine.  Each episode brings different ted speakers together to explore a certain theme.  It’s easy listening – I often put it on if I’m cooking in the evening or out for a walk – and super inspiring.

  • What I’m reading:

I’m reading a lot of short stories at the moment.  The New Yorker fiction section is a nice place to browse new writing – the flash fiction is perfect for a quick read.  These micro-bite stories capture the art of conveying a whole world in a just few short paragraphs.

On the absolute opposite end of the spectrum to micro-fiction, I’m also reading A remembrance of things past, loving it, though I’m still plodding my way through volume 1.

  • Interesting work happenings:

One thing I’m loving is the Data Science journal club that we’ve kicked off on the DS team (shoutout to Luke who started this!). Every second week someone on the team chooses a research paper, which we read in advance and then meet to chat about. I’ve found it really refreshing to get my headspace out of specific projects & delivery and spend some time analysing new research & on more strategic, blue-sky thinking.

  • Things I’m enjoying:

  1. Loving life since I got a dog. Lola is 5 months old this week. She’s a handful but having her around has made the long months of working from home a bit more lively.
  2. Sea swimming (and occasionally in lakes and rivers near me too).
  3. Shamelessly binging old episodes of Gilmore Girls.
  • Interesting events this week:

  1. I bought on old minibus earlier this week which I’m going to convert into a campervan over the next few months.
  2. I’m attending my first post-lockdown “event” this weekend – a small outdoor music festival (<100 people) near my home. It’s going to be so surreal but amazing to listen to live music & meet new some new people.