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Conjura: Say hello to our new branding and identity

Today, we are excited to announce an important moment in the evolution of Conjura. Many exhaustive Zoom calls later, we have successfully completed a new branding exercise and website overhaul. We feel that this new identity is much more representative of us as a company and reflects both our personality and our work, both things that we are proud of!

Despite all the available information on customers within many B2C and B2B businesses, a clear picture of customer behaviour is rare. Conjura illuminates this picture. This concept formed the foundation of our visual identity and messaging. Our imagery deliberately changes from unclear pre Conjura to clear post Conjura. Our strapline “change the outcome” mirrors the same idea. We call the ability to use data to change the outcome “Data Foresight”. Once our clients’ understanding of their customers increases, all of a sudden they are able to acquire new customers at a cheaper rate and grow the value of existing customers.

We have kindly been given permission by some of our customers to shout about the great work that we have done together, so that the entire world can see the power of a formidable Conjura-client partnership. As we scale our team in Conjura we constantly strive to improve all aspects of what we do, and telling our story in a better way is part of this progression. Thank you to our customers who have agreed to do case studies – our story is best told by highlighting your successes.

We will continue to share the importance of Data Foresight with the world and hope that each and every one of you will remain on this mission with us, realising immense value in your businesses along the way.

Fran Quilty, CEO