Five Bullet Friday: Franklyn Martin

Welcome back to 5 Bullet Friday! This bi-monthly post gives you insight into what the people of Conjura are loving, using, reading, watching, thinking about that week. Do go back and check out our previous 5BFs with:

This week’s 5BF introduces Chief Revenue Officer Franklyn Martin!

What I’m listening to:

Spotify on the go but vinyl at home, anything from Jimmy Hendrix to Prince and New Order. I recently came across Cocoa Sugar by Young Fathers which has been on repeat. Sunday mornings will be Raggae & Soul playlists to set a chilled vibe for the day.

Listening to a lot of podcasts also, mostly VC and start-up shows. My regular go-to’s are This Week in Start-ups, Masters of Scale and Techcrunch Equity which all have amazing guests on. There’s always something we can apply to what we’re doing at Conjura.

What I’m reading:

Thinking Fast & Slow by behavioural economist Daniel Kahneman, I can be quite impulsive so this was enlightening!

Shoe Dog – I’ve read it several times and going back again, it’s the inspiring story of Nike founder Phil Knight and early days of Nike when they were a start-up and challenger brand. Every chapter seems to get me off the sofa and out for a run, so highly recommended!

Interesting work happenings:

One of the best things about my role is working with eCommerce founders and leaders, many of our customers are in a high-growth stage so working with them and seeing their success is extremely rewarding. An example of that is the eComplete acquisition of Current Body, we work with both companies so seeing that deal happen and being a part of their future plans is amazing.

What inspires me:

Mostly the people I work with day-to-day, I’m constantly challenged and learning so hard not to be inspired! Seeing other start-ups succeed is also motivating, especially those close to you. I’ve got huge admiration for the team at Wayflyer who are setting a very high bar.

What I’m learning about:

Investing.. I started a few years ago and it quickly became a passion, mostly in public companies but there’s so much more early-stage visibility and access for individuals now through various platforms. Right now I’m using Seed Invest and Equity Zen. Being able to learn from Private Equity and Venture Capital partners at Conjura is another benefit of the job!