What We Value

Data is pretty straightforward when you have the right people, at the right time, with the right attitudes come together to make sense of it all. Because data is just data. It’s the people behind it that make it into something more.

We love what we do in no small part because of our team. Because while we certainly give a mean technical examination to any people looking to join us, we also give them a cultural fit once over. Ok ok, maybe a twice-over. 

Over the coming months we’ll be delving deeper into each of our values with the people in our team who live and breathe them! But in the meantime, let us start by introducing you to the importance of Curiosity, Collaboration, Nimbleness, Trust, Clarity and Foresight.


Is there more to know?

You may have heard that curiosity killed the cat. But our take is that satisfaction brought it back. Because there is nothing more fulfilling than letting our noses guide us through uncharted territories and finding out exactly who, what, when, where and why…or why not everything is as it is. We don’t just want answers to our questions, we want to know if we’re even asking the right questions to start with. 

We’d argue that Curiosity is both an art and a science. Feel free to debate that with us (you’ll lose)!


Have you tapped into the talent around you?

At Conjura no man/ woman/ humxn is an island – and we pride ourselves on operating as a sort of open source community. Meaning that no matter who originates an idea, we share it and welcome modifications fueled by different perspectives. Because doing great things really does take a village. So we make it a practice to actively look, listen and communicate to keep learning from each other and accomplish what none of us could do alone.


Have you questioned your own preconceptions?

By all accounts, Jack was nimble and Jack was quick. Which enabled Jack to successfully jump over the candlestick. Frankly, that’s the kind of agility we look for. Because our willingness to continually reassess our assumptions, has a way of keeping us on our toes. When you stay flexible, you’re able to react quickly, shift trajectories and bend rather than break with any challenges that come your way. 

Have we mentioned that we do yoga?


Can you inspire more confidence?

As far as we’re concerned, talk is cheap and action is everything. As soon as you start overpromising and underdelivering, the trust in you, what you’re saying, and what you can accomplish, starts to degrade. So our approach is simple: we do what we say we’ll do when we say we’ll do it. But also, we just do it well. We work hard to accomplish things together and we trust that everyone involved is bringing their best to the table; creating some truly scrumptious synergy.

The proof is in the pudding –  and our pudding is delicious.


Have you made it clear?

Language is powerful. It exists for the sole purpose of helping humans to communicate, understand each other and survive any challenges they may face – together.  As a result, the better you communicate, the more distinct your survival advantage. This is why our default mode is to be really really specific. We leave the unnecessary hyperbole in the bin alongside self-importance and we help each other out by just saying it like it is.  

Get it? Got it. Good.


What will the impact of your actions be?

Individually our values are powerful tools, but together they can help solve problems before they even arise. We promise it’s not rocket science. We’re just a humble collection of curious minds, who work well together, roll with the punches, trust each other’s knowledge, and know how to communicate that knowledge clearly. As a result, we don’t just have valuable insight into today, we have foresight into tomorrow.