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Cloud Infrastructure Engineer

Being a Cloud Infrastructure Engineer at Conjura

We are proud of our approach to infrastructure at Conjura! In this role you’ll be joining a team that is passionate about solving problems with a serverless first approach; leaning into managed services that allow our small team to punch way above their weight.

We define our infrastructure with Terraform and provision infrastructure with automated pipelines, we define those pipelines in Terraform. Its turtles and Terraform all the way down. 

As a Cloud infrastructure Engineer at Conjura you will collaborate with product engineers and data scientists. You will design VPC topologies, CI/CD pipelines, define the interactions between systems, build tooling to help you and your teammates, and improve the security posture of the cloud.

You care about availability and data durability, your solutions span multiple availability zones, you perform operations as code and make frequent, small, reversible changes. You don’t know any server by name, you think of them as cattle not pets. 

As a member of the engineering team you will need:

  • Deep understanding of AWS IAM – We operate multi tenant workloads across various AWS accounts, secure logical isolation of customer data is always front of mind. You should be comfortable crafting least privilege policies and navigating cross account AWS access etc.
  • Experience operating containerised ML workloads – Whether that’s ECS / Kubernetes / AWS Batch or any of the other 17 ways to run containers on AWS we don’t mind.
  • Infrastructure as Code experience – We heavily use Terraform, but once you are familiar with Cloudformation, CDK, Pulumi or any method of programmatically creating infrastructure with AWS apis we are happy. No Click Ops! We treat having to press buttons to make things happen as a failure.
  • Solid CI/CD experience – We pride ourselves on having well tested code. Building pipelines with GitHub Actions / CodePipeline / Step Functions is no big deal to you.
  • Working knowledge of a high level programming language. Python is used heavily at Conjura.
  • Always learning – You keep your ear to the ground, you are always on the lookout for new technologies / frameworks / services / patterns that can elevate your impact and the impact of the team.

Technology shopping list:

  • This is some of the technology we use at Conjura. This is not a list of requirements but hopefully some of the list resonates with you or excites you!
  • Terraform (with Terraform Cloud orchestration)
  • AWS: S3, Step Functions, Lambda, ECS (Fargate), Sagemaker
  • Chalice
  • Snowflake
  • Python / Django
  • GitHub Actions

People who might be suitable for the role:

Infrastructure Engineers, Systems Engineers, Cloud Engineers, “DevOps” Engineers and Software Engineers with strong cloud experience looking to use their skills to build amazing product and the next generation of cloud infrastructure at Conjura. 

Successful applicants for a Cloud Infrastructure Engineer role will receive a full-time permanent offer, with a competitive salary, equity options, and flexibility to allow working remotely or at home.

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