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Data Analyst

Being a Data Analyst at Conjura

This role puts you on the front lines of the solutions we implement for our customers, where you can expect to:

  • Delve deeply into a customer’s business to understand its subtleties and how data can be put to use in their business to aid decision making and unlock value.
  • Develop critical workflows for transforming, visualising, and extracting value from data.
  • Work closely with our engineering team to integrate data into stable, extensible pipelines.
  • Cultivate your domain expertise to identify, access and analyse relevant data sources.
  • Contribute to our expanding knowledge base into the art and application of analytics.
  • Create machine learning and predictive modeling use cases with our data science team.

At Conjura we are building a diverse team and hiring data analysts with a range of complimentary skills and experience. Applicants will have to have at least some of the following in their background, however we are also hiring graduate and “new to analytics” positions so if you’ve got the interest and you like our values please do apply – even if you don’t “tick all the boxes”:

  • A degree in a quantitative field, with preference for Maths, Physics, Engineering, Economics and/or Computer Science degrees.
  • Professional experience in data analytics, data viz and customer-facing roles.
  • Proficiency with SQL, and even better DBT.
  • Experience with version control systems like git.
  • Experience with scripting languages like Python or R for statistical analysis.

Successful applicants for a data analyst role will receive a full-time permanent offer, with a competitive salary, equity options, and flexibility to allow working remotely or at home.

About Conjura

Founded in 2018, the Conjura Platform accelerates e-commerce performance for consumer brands.

Conjura customers can connect, action and benchmark their data with one powerful platform. Conjura empowers data-driven decision making with intuitive dashboards and actionable insights for e-commerce businesses.


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