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How Wild Cosmetics "Revolutionised" Their Stock Forecasting with Data

Wild Cosmetics is a UK based subscription business that pioneered plastic-free refillable deodorant in 2019; tapping into a growing demand for a generation that scrutinises waste, unnecessary packaging and potentially harmful ingredients.

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Studying Your Audience

An online school supplies retailer that does exactly what it says on the tin – sell school books and other scholastic materials needed to make learning run smoothly.

Surrendering to Subscription

The largest independent news and media group in Ireland with a combined reach of 2.4 million weekly readers.

Risky Business

Europe’s only retail and consumer investment and innovation firm with expertise in understanding and anticipating how digital technology changes consumer behaviour.

Unhealthy Amounts of Data

A responsible retailer on a mission to help customers consume more consciously with sustainable, traceable and natural products to support their health and wellbeing.