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Case Study

Cath Kidston Route to Operational Excellence

Cath Kidston is a quintessentially British lifestyle brand, founded in 1993 by the eponymous
Cath Kidston. A celebration of craft and heritage, the playful designs are imagined and
painted in London and the products, including bags, accessories, homewares and fashion are
distributed globally.


No single source of truth due to siloed data, resulting in significant time inefficiencies


Through the decades, the brand has been able to evolve and adapt to the ever-changing needs of its customer base, going from a brick-and-mortar presence in the 90s to the current successful multi-channel approach, which generates significant amount of data every day.

The Operations team at Cath Kidston faced a demanding challenge:

  • on one hand the increasingly time-consuming task of manually reporting on the individual channels weekly
  • on the other hand, the need to accurately measure the performance of all their channels (e.g., eCommerce, retail, 3rd party retailers etc) while trying to mitigate data validity issues raised by different departments on an on-going basis


Automated reporting and single source of truth across the entire organisation


With the help of Conjura suite of dashboards, Cath Kidston Operations team was able to:

  1. dramatically reduce the time spent analysing multi-channel data, while accurately reporting on the performance of each channel daily
  2. satisfy management requests for a consistent, holistic view of all channels and no time wasted questioning data validity/accuracy, thanks to Conjura’s single source of truth


Achieving greater visibility and consistency in a fraction of the time


Following the implementation of Conjura, the Operations team at Cath Kidston has been able to spend more time actioning insights from their data, instead of manually crunching numbers. Data is now accurate, immediately available, and cross-functionally accepted.


The ability to overcome data complexity enabled the Cath Kidston team to quickly access daily reports and accurately alert them to any potential issues within the business (E.g., management can identify if they are not tracking to target and raise with individua stakeholders).


The consolidated view of Conjura reports has also allowed them to:

  •  be more aligned across their sales channels
  • optimise underutilised channels
  • ensure pricing consistency across retail, eCommerce and 3rd party retailers
  • drive profitable growth across all channels

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