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Conjura Launches New Dashboards

Conjura’s Dashboards Expansion Further Boosts Businesses’ Visibility Into Their eCommerce Operations

The eCommerce data analytics company is launching a new, consolidated platform,  providing businesses with more granular insights to enhance visibility into their strategy development and day-to-day execution

DUBLIN, IRELAND, September 21, 2022 / -- Conjura, the leading eCommerce data analytics company, announced today that it’s launching a new platform that consolidates its two main offerings, eCommerce Benchmarking and eCommerce Analytics into a single access point. The move will enable businesses to gain a 360-degree view of their operations on one intuitive platform.

eCommerce brands of all sizes, from SMBs to industry giants, are inundated with data however only 32% of data available to businesses is put to work and the remaining 68% goes unleveraged. Many brands face challenges when their marketing, sales, and operational data becomes siloed, creating a data dissonance that has the potential to prevent clear analysis, automated processes, and other factors involved in decision making. In order to optimize growth, eCommerce brands must find a way to cut through the data noise and streamline their data collection, storage, and analysis processes.

By consolidating all of the data to one single platform, Conjura’s new offering eliminates any redundancies and inaccuracies associated with poorly organized data and helps brands focus on what matters most – e.g., honing their competitive edge, monitoring KPIs, and making data-driven decisions at market speed. Conjura’s platform offers competitive benchmarking, real-time KPIs, and performance evaluation over time. It provides business leaders with centralized visibility into their business operations, enabling them to focus on closing gaps and extending advantages.

“Combining benchmarking with data analytics in one simple platform is an industry game-changer,” said Fran Quilty Co-founder & CEO of Conjura. “Our solution is equipping eCommerce brands with the ability to gain vital insights at an unrivaled level, ascertaining their position within the market as a whole. Our customers are able to accurately assess how they are compared to their competitors and pin-point which areas of their business requires improvement. Conjura is providing the competitive edge eCommerce brands require to compete in a saturated and ever-developing marketplace.”

Discover our new dashboards.

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