Welcome to the Conjura platform

We make integrating sophisticated analytics and data science both painless and liberating. By connecting and transforming siloed data, we create the infrastructure that allows businesses to tap into the true potential of their data.

How it works

The Conjura Platform consists of a modular set of deliverables. Whether looking for robust data infrastructure and data warehousing or a full suite of automated reporting, data science and marketing automation. Conjura implements and maintains a data solution that can evolve as your business grows.

Connecting your data

Data ingestion

  • API & SFTP connections
  • Pre-built and custom connectors across dozens of platforms
  • Data quality monitoring & alerts

Data transformation

  • Cleaning, formatting & joining disparate data
  • Validation & reconciliation
  • Data deduplication

Data warehouse

  • Created on Snowflake
  • A single source of production-ready data
  • Complete access for internal teams

Using your data

Reporting & Analytics

  • Business & Finance KPIs 
  • Customer, Sales & Marketing 
  • Product, Stock & Fulfilment

Data science

  • Predictive LTV 
  • Customer segmentation, churn propensity & next best action 
  • Demand forecasting & product recommendations

Data integrations

  • Email 
  • Ad Platforms
  • Offline marketing


Conjura gives us the speed to answer. I now have the headspace to think about the right questions to ask!

Jamie Jaggard

Conjura’s rigorous approach to understanding the business and the flexibility of their approach meant they were able to get to the crux of our issue very effectively.

James Wilson
TM Lewin

Conjura's dashboards help us shape where we need to focus our efforts and attention.

Paul McCann

Conjura have provided us with the ability to accurately track our sales and marketing channels, helping us to grow these with confidence. Superb to work with, supportive throughout the process and excellent ongoing customer support. Can’t recommend them enough.

Matthew Idiens

Conjura take our data and make it more manageable, shareable and understandable.

Jon Jeromes

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