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Case Study

How Naturecan Used Influencer Data to Fuel Expansion

Naturecan is an eco-friendly UK Cannabidiol (CBD) brand on a mission to improve sleep quality, reduce anxiety and bring balance to the minds and bodies of its consumers.


Internationalising in a new product category


As a sustainable brand in the growing CBD category, creating demand for their products was not an issue for Naturecan. But with aspirations for rapid expansion, the brand needed to understand where their highest lifetime value (LTV) customers were coming from and how to replicate this success in new markets.


However, with marketing restrictions for CBD products on traditional platforms like Google & Facebook, the brand had to rely on notoriously difficult to track channels such as influencers and affiliates to acquire new customers; with the lack of available insight into performance on these channels hindering its ability to scale at pace.


Granular influencer analytics


The Conjura Platform was able to seamlessly layer Naturecan’s marketing, product and transaction data to provide a true end-to-end understanding of their performance. 


By surfacing granular e-commerce KPIs at an individual influencer and affiliate level, Naturecan could now analyse performance by cost of customer acquisition, return on investment (ROI), average order value (AOV) as well as by territory, channel or product purchased. 


This automated daily feedback enabled the brand to instantly capitalise on high performers as well as quickly disengage from those who weren’t delivering the goods. 


This clarity allowed Naturecan to effectively map their customer acquisition strategy, identifying their strongest entry products as well as those that were driving repeat purchases, solidifying a strong growth model for their international expansion.


Conjura have enabled Naturecan to join the dots of business from formation. Sales, Margin, Marketing, Fulfilment and CS, at a product level.

We know what is going on in our growing business as a result, which short cuts growth and reduces wastage. Immensely Valuable.

Andy Duckworth
Founder of Naturecan


Effective expansion


Through Conjura’s e-commerce analytics platform Naturecan was able to identify and act on opportunities that led to a whopping 400% growth in just 6 months. 


Not to mention that by spotting that new customers who first purchased CBD Gummies tended to return and convert into more expensive product categories; the brand was able to tailor its acquisition strategy to promote this popular gateway product through its high-performing influencer channels worldwide.


In fact, the ability to see performance broken down by country also revealed to this UK-based company that their sales were most prolific in other markets. This resulted in a data-driven internationalisation into 28 new territories. Even after this success, the company was able to spot that the conversion rate of Austrian customers using the German website was twice that of German customers, highlighting a huge opportunity to start proactively targeting Austrian customers as well. 

400% Growth

in the last 6 months


into 28 new territories


of influencer performance

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