Is Conjura GDPR compliant?

Conjura is a fully compliant data processor. We minimise the amount of personal information transferred to just what’s required for your reporting. We never transfer information related to payment instruments or health data. Where possible, we pull all data from source each day, so deletion or change requests processed by your data protection team will be reflected on our live systems within 24 hours. For data sources where a full daily transfer is not possible, we’ll provide you with a mechanism to inform us of deletions and changes. You’ll receive confirmation after each change/deletion is processed.

Is my data secure?

Answer: Our platform is built on industry standard cloud infrastructure (AWS). This infrastructure has the highest security standards and certifications.

  1. Data is encrypted at rest and in transit
  2. Conjura restricts access to client data to only those employees who need it to do their job
  3. We run on a zero-trust corporate network i.e. we need a VPN to access the data

What data can I include?

There are few limitations to what you can include. Conjura has built automated connections into the most popular tools. If you use a tool that we have not already connected to, we have the ability to build a connection as part of our implementation process.

Can you work with my agency?

We are happy to work with agencies and any other teams in your organisation. We find that many different functions get value from what we do, so are used to working across the whole company.

How much time do you need from my teams during implementation?

We know you are busy, so the team at Conjura has perfected the art of building analytics infrastructure with the absolute minimum amount of your time. We do need you to agree on requirements and sign off once we are done – this typically takes one person about two hours a week for 8 – 12 weeks. All the heavy lifting during implementation is completed by us.

Does Conjura include any training on how to use the models?

Yes. We include comprehensive training as part of our onboarding process. We include a 1-hour training session with your team after implementation is complete. You will also have a dedicated business analyst who will ensure you get the most value out of our work for you.

Does Conjura perform any additional marketing or analytics consulting?

We do, normally charged on a time and materials basis at an agreed daily rate. Once you’ve let us know your specific requirement, we produce a quote so you can understand the cost before giving us the green light.

Can Conjura include targets or budgets in data visualisations?

We can!

Can Conjura build a custom marketing attribution model?

We can, but this is dependent on the data available. We use your existing data, so if you have not been collecting the data required, we won’t be able to build the model immediately. We’ll give you recommendations on how to collect this data, and once it’s available, we’ll be able to start.

What is a Data Diagnostic?

The Data Diagnostic is an investigation into the configuration of key marketing and analytics tools. Conjura investigates whether the configuration of Google Analytics, Google Ads and Facebook meet what is considered to be best practice. Best practice in this instance refers to the breath and quality of data collection in each tool. This ensures that any reporting or analytics using the data is robust and accurate.

As part of a Data Diagnostic, we will produce a report outlining findings, evidence and key recommendations to ensure that data is of the highest quality.

Do we implement any configuration changes that we recommend in Data Diagnostic?

Yes we do. Often, as part of a small piece of work, Conjura configures Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics for our clients to ensure they are collecting the best quality data.

Can Conjura include offline marketing spend?

Yes, we can include offline marketing spend ­– provided that your offline marketing data is stored in an accessible location, for example uploaded into the Conjura platform in MS Excel format or shared with us via Google Sheets.

How long does an implementation take?

Implementation of the Conjura Platform generally takes between 10 to 12 weeks. However, this can change depending on the requirements specific to each client, such as the scale of data, number of data sources and whether any data science has been purchased.

What sort of data visualisations can you build?

The Conjura platform is incredibly flexible. We can build a wide variety of data visualisation and reporting dashboards for you, covering functions right across your business.

Do you give recommendations on the types of data visualisations and reports that I need?

We’ve built hundreds of different types of reporting dashboards for many different clients with many different needs. We’d happily share our experience and recommend the best types of dashboards for your business. However, we know that every business is different, so we always gather requirements for dashboards at the beginning of every implementation so we can blend the highest standards with customisation.

Does Conjura produce data visualisations in a third-party tool like Tableau?

Yes. Because Conjura platform is so flexible and the use cases so varied, we find that third party tools like Tableau allow us to meet a huge range of our client’s needs.

What data visualisation tools do you work with?

We work with Tableau, Qlik, Looker and Power BI. We will use whichever one you have in-house. If you do not have a data visualisation tool already, we will recommend one based on your requirements.

What reconciliation does Conjura do with existing reporting?

We reconcile all output data with data from the relevant sources. For example, when reconciling marketing spend, we will reconcile marketing spend from the Conjura platform to marketing spend from the relevant marketing platform such as Google Ads, Facebook etc. When reconciling revenue, Conjura will reconcile revenue from the Conjura platform with revenue from the payments platform.

We do not attempt to reconcile every metric produced with every metric in an existing in-house reporting suite. This is because there are many factors that can influence how the existing metric is calculated: human error, formula used, definition, date time frames…Generally when our customers see a discrepancy in reported metrics, the single customer view of the underlying data means the Conjura platform is reporting a more accurate metric with more of the underlying factors taken into consideration.

Can Conjura replicate our existing reports?

Broadly speaking, yes. As part of designing our infrastructure and data visualisations, we combine our clients’ domain knowledge and requirements with the expertise of our team. We aim to deliver the most appropriate and understandable reporting dashboards for our clients, this often means replicating and upgrading a number of existing reports.

Is there a limit to the number of data connectors Conjura can include in the model?

No. However, the number of data connectors included will influence the cost and the implementation time.

How often does the Conjura platform update data?

Daily. This is limited by the data sources that Conjura works with. Many marketing platforms and web analytics tools have a delay of between 4-8 hours. They also limit how often you can query their APIs. There is very little benefit from information updating at a greater frequency than daily.

How robust and reliable is the Conjura platform?

The Conjura platform is a highly available system. This means our standard contractual terms guarantee reliable data collection and include a 24 / 7 service level agreement. The response time to problems is dependent on the maintenance contract option you choose. In any case we’ll get that data to you on time to inform the decisions you need to make each and every day!

Does Conjura action any of the insights generated from data visualisation or data science models?

At the moment we do not provide any marketing execution services (campaign creation etc.). However, this is something that we believe will provide a lot of value for our clients. Based on the response by clients to our advice, there appears to be quite some demand. Watch this space!

Does the Conjura platform provide alerts for any problems that arise with marketing or technical performance?

Yes, we can build alerts for over/under performance into our systems, or to detect any potential problems with site, check-out or other online performance.

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