Is Conjura suitable for me?

If you already have an internal team of data analysts who have built live connections between your ad-spend, web analytics and payment / CRM data, that auto-update, slice and dice data in multiple ways and present powerful new insights every day, then congratulations! You are in the top 5% of companies in terms of digital marketing analytics sophistication, and you probably don’t need us. Go and give yourself a well-earned pat on the back 🙂

However, if this description does not apply to you (and you’re spending €250k + on digital marketing per year) then you are an excellent fit for Conjura.

We’re pretty talented, couldn’t we just build this in-house ourselves?

If you have a team of data engineers and some data analysts, it’s likely you could eventually build this, or something similar. However, every company we know that has built this internally spent at least 6-12 months building it, with a team of at least 4 developers. And once it’s built, it needs to be maintained and upgraded (platform APIs frequently change).

We offer you a fully outsourced solution. And what’s more, we will integrate best-in-class insights and ideas into your dashboards, at no additional cost. By partnering with us, you’re ensuring that you’ll always be on the cutting edge of digital marketing, so you can focus your efforts on what you do best.

Is my data secure with you?

We take your data security very seriously and we make every effort to ensure it is stored safely and encrypted according to the highest standards possible. For more information, please see our data security whitepaper which goes into the nitty gritty.

Can you help us with attribution?

Absolutely. If you are considering a move beyond rules-based attribution (most companies use first-click or last-click) please get in touch. We implement algorithmic attribution and we typically use a Markov model. We like Markov because it can be statistically validated, and can also factor in non-converting paths, unlike other models which are sometimes used for attribution (eg. Shapley).

Can you include offline advertising in your analysis?

For certain offline ad-types we can. Exactly how depends on the type of offline ads you are running and a few other details. We would work with you to develop a solution for this.

Can you help me calculate customer LTV?

Absolutely. The exact approach will depend on the company type and the data available. For example, for e-commerce companies we can do cohort analysis based on historical transactions. For SaaS companies we would use a formula based on churn analysis.

What does best-in-class ROI performance look like?

There is no simple answer here – it entirely depends on your industry / your average sale price / keyword competitiveness etc. However, the more customers we add, the more insight we get – our roadmap includes a benchmarking tool which you will be able to use to benchmark your performance against similar companies (using anonymised / averaged data, of course).