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How data will transform your eCommerce business

Operational analytics will help transform your eCommerce business because it provides more in depth and detailed data that can specifically improve your company’s ability to adapt to your customers needs and interests.

When operational analytics are applied to eCommerce your company will have the ability to respond and adapt more quickly to market trends, become more targeted in your marketing and your audience, which will improve your company’s decision making.

Applying operational analytics in eCommerce

Operational analytics can sound overwhelming but it is crucial for eCommerce optimization. Large corporations use data scientists to help them with their company’s analytics.

These scientists prioritize and focus the relevant information regarding that company and then use that data to help the company achieve its goals.

This process can take time to implement and having the budget to hire a team of data scientists is not realistic for most companies.

Conjura uses data science to help unpack the details of a company's inner-workings, but we are able to do it in a timely way that makes financial sense for your company. 

Conjura is your own data scientist

Conjura uses operational analytics to help your company optimize their processes and goals so that your company can optimize its productivity. By focusing on the company data we can streamline a company's focus and procedures.

The data will show your company’s target audience as well as their interests and we can help guide you on how best to reach your audience. 

Know your audience

Furthermore, exploring the data can also help determine who the audience actually is (it is possible that the intended audience isn’t actually engaging with the company).

Conjura uses operational analytics to help your company fine tune its messaging and processes. Increasing your connection with the audience determined by data, making your connection more impactful. 

Know how your customers find you

Many companies think they know how their customers found them, but the proof is in the data. Data can be found in many different places, to ensure all the necessary relevant information is collected Conjura uses multi-channel funnels across all digital channels to help optimize your ecommerce performance. 

What is a multi-channel funnel?

A multi-channel funnel is exactly what it sounds like, it is a tool that takes content/information from multiple sources and funnels it together to help better inform the business on who is visiting their site and how they are getting there.

For example a person might make a purchase on a website after being directed to the site via a web search rather than visiting the site directly on their own. The multi-channel funnel helps determine the routes a customer takes to get to a website.

The data will improve your eCommerce business

eCommerce operational analytics can seem overwhelming but it is crucial for the success of a company. Without understanding the relevant data a business will fall short of its ultimate goals. Conjura will help improve your company’s eCommerce by helping you to better understand the data.

If you are operating in the world of eCommerce without understanding of your company’s performance analytics it is safe to say that your company is not achieving all it could.

Conjura will unpack your company’s information so you will be able to respond to your customers needs, be more deliberate in connecting with your customers and be able to adapt to the ever changing market. What might work for one company may not be what your company needs to succeed.

Operational analytics driven by data will increase your company’s eCommerce potential.

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