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Case Study

How Plateaway Improved Customer Acquisition Using Partner Data

Plateaway is a centralised platform that makes it simple to find and purchase signature DIY meal kits from 50+ restaurants across the UK, providing access to restaurant quality meals from the comfort of home.


Growing post-lockdown


Founded during the initial stages of the pandemic, Plateaway’s business boomed as the demand for at-home culinary experiences exploded across the country.
However, as lockdowns lifted and customers began to return to restaurants, Plateaway’s new customer growth started to slow, making it challenging to continue scaling the business at pace.


The way to fix this? To move away from time-consuming manual reporting and obtain greater visibility of customer acquisition and behaviour.


A holistic view of customer behaviour and product preferences


By seamlessly layering customer and partner data into a single source of truth, Conjura’s eCommerce analytics platform highlighted Plateaway’s best and worst performing partners and acquisition channels on a daily basis.
This allowed Plateway to quickly reallocate spend from revenue losers and capitalise on driving profit instead.


Now, instead of labouring for hours each week to calculate performance across platforms, Plateaway’s team was able to instantly access granular eCommerce KPIs at an individual customer and restaurant partner level.


This meant a 360 view of performance broken down by customer acquisition cost (CAC), return on investment (ROI), average order value (AOV) as well as by billing city, channel or product purchased. Armed with these daily insights, Plateaway was able to instantly capitalise on high performers as well as quickly disengage from those whose repurchase rates didn’t make the cut.


A best practice playbook for partner customer acquisition


With Conjura’s eCommerce analytics platform Plateaway was able to use customer and partner insights to focus its acquisition strategy, increase revenue and margins, and grow profitable partnerships.


Through their partner dashboards Plateaway was able to identify that a select group of independent restarant partners were outperforming their better-known counterparts. This allowed them to pinpoint specific email promotions and channels from these high performers that lead to increased repurchase rates and higher lifetime value customers.


As a result, Plateaway was able to use those learnings to create a best practice playbook for running future cross-partner acquisition campaigns.

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