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About Conjura

Founded in 2018, Conjura brings together the best of software engineering, analytics and data science to help consumer businesses accelerate eCommerce performance.

We’ve grown revenue 4x in the last 12 months, doubled our team size and continue to deliver best-in-class analytics and data science for eCommerce.

Being a Data Scientist at Conjura

As our data science team is small we are still defining how we work and how our platform should function. Which is why we are currently we are looking for data scientists who have substantive experience with cloud technologies, containerisation and the entire Machine Learning lifecycle, including managing productionised workflows.

As a member of the data science team you will work collaboratively to apply the latest approaches and technologies to real commercial problems as well as:

  • Develop use-cases directly with customers and steer our implementations to drive towards the most valuable outcomes.  
  • Keep up-to-date with the latest developments in research, applications, and technologies. As the discipline evolves quickly, complacency is not an option.
  • Shape our data science culture and how we work. 
  • Teach and learn from other members of our team. Our backgrounds are diverse and multidisciplinary. Though we have different skills and experiences, we work best as a single team!
  • Make material contributions to automation capabilities of our in-built Decision Engine platform.
  • Be a generalist. Contribute to our knowledge base, technical infrastructure, product, and business development.

What you will be working with

Our team works across the whole lifecycle of model development, from exploration and prototyping in Notebooks through to deployment and maintenance in our Decision Engine. As a smart, curious person, you will pick the best tool for the job!

  • Our data science infrastructure is based in AWS and integrated with Sagemaker.
  • Our pipelines are built with Python, SQL (via DBT), Pyspark, and productionised in Docker.
  • Our models are built in multiple frameworks (ScikitLearn, XGBoost, Pytorch, and Tensorflow)

Successful applicants for a data science role will receive a full-time permanent offer, with a competitive salary, equity options, and flexibility to allow working remotely or at home. With our size and fast growth, there’re many opportunities for career progression.

Conjura team values

Curiosity – We NEED to know about our customers’ businesses, what makes the businesses tick and what will make it better. We continuously sharpen our skills and keep up to date with the latest approaches to analytics.

Collaboration – Yes we have degrees and PHDs, and we have done amazing things with data, but when we join Conjura we check our ego at the door. This is because, as individuals, we don’t have all the answers. The excellence of our team is shaped from multiple points of view and backgrounds working collaboratively. At the same time we are equally at home working independently – sometimes we need to take ownership.

Trustworthiness – We are trusted to produce accurate insights from commercially sensitive data sets. We must employ analytical rigor and quantitative reasoning skills.

Nimbleness – We need to flex when our client’s business, customers or market changes!

Clarity – We must simplify complexity and explain value points to time poor, inexpert stakeholders. We have a passion for communicating ideas with data and technology.

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    Why join Conjura?

    Conjura is made up of some of the best data analysts, scientists and engineers from around the globe – and with so much talent under one roof, we’re growing faster than you can say ‘Business Performance Data Analytics’…which actually takes a minute to get through!

    So if you have world-class skills and a burning desire to help businesses to get more from their data – then you are the one that we want!

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