Learn Signal (www.learnsignal.com) is an online learning platform that helps accounting students pass their ACCA exams. Their offering includes video lectures, notes, mock exams and more. To date they have raised over €2m from private investors.

The following challenges were identified

  • Learn Signal were spending money on several online channels and tracking the conversion of free trial users.
  • However, they were unable to link paid conversions back to the original channel of acquisition.
  • Accordingly, they could not correctly weigh the effectiveness of each of the individual elements of their marketing spend.

The following solutions were implemented

  • Our data engineers started off with a diagnostic on Learn Signal’s website analytics set up, and we implemented the necessary improvements in preparation for the solution.
  • Next, our custom-built API connectors extracted Learn Signal’s marketing spend data along with their website analytics and payment data.
  • Our team of data scientists then cleaned and joined this data.

Our business analysts interpreted and refined the data and provided powerful dashboard insights such as CPA and ROI by channel, campaign and device, along with detailed subscription analytics and churn metrics. All of these insights now auto-update every 24 hours based on the latest data.

Our insights had a big impact

Based on these insights, Learn Signal:

  • Identified underperforming channels and campaigns, and reallocated that spend to channels and campaigns that were performing well.
  • Reduced CPA by 53%.
  • Increased ROI by 116%.
  • Invested additional marketing budget in a highly data-driven manner.
  • Increased Annual Recurring Revenue by 6x.

The Learn Signal team continue to review these metrics on a daily basis, optimising their spend based on current performance.

“Not only did the solution’s insights significantly reduce our CPA and increase ROI, Conjura also enabled us to increase our digital ad spend with the certainty that we were maximising the impact of every Euro spent.” - Philip Meagher, CEO, Learn Signal

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