Predicting human behaviour

When it comes to applying data analytics to the real world of business, not all companies or systems are created equal.

Data is often seen as the abstract domain of mathematicians and statisticians, but when the moment arrives to make a commercial impact, a hard truth emerges. Data is human. Behind the numbers are real individuals doing real things in the real world. These individuals are rarely consistent, they change and they’re impulsive, like all of us, so an accurate picture of them requires several sources across time. Your insights are only as good as the assumptions you make and the model you build. The best analysts understand psychology, behaviour and business as well as they understand statistics. Success is all about identifying and accessing the information that matters, when it matters.

That’s our speciality. We call it Data Foresight, because it gives our clients the opportunity to alter the outcome of many business objectives.

The business benefits of Data Foresight

By breaking down silos of information and building a picture across time we’ll provide you with richer detail, greater reliability, more forensic conclusions, greatly increased speed and more effective options.

Change the outcome right through the customer lifecycle:

Data Foresight reveals opportunities for our clients to change outcomes right across the customer journey, providing many options to drive growth.


Find more customers... and better ones

  • Change your options: by researching new sales channels quickly and cost effectively
  • Change which channels you scale up: by knowing in advance which will be cost-effective and profitable
  • Change marketing content: by basing it on customers, not transactions
  • Change your understanding: by integrating online and offline channels for the full picture
  • Change traffic volume: by improving SEO, paid search and social media marketing
  • Change your approach: by knowing the real value of leads (cost per lead is misleading if leads are poor)
  • Change where you prioritise: by knowing which activity produces real customers through cost per acquisition
  • Change focus: by creating audiences based on lifetime value and desired behaviour
  • Change decisions: by using customer numbers and margins instead of clicks, which don’t tell the whole story
  • Change focus: by distinguishing between new and existing customers
  • Change direction: guide valuable budget elsewhere by identifying likely high-churn customers
  • Benefits: increase revenue and margins, lower customer acquisition costs


Win more of the right type of customer – in less time

  • Change where you focus: identifying high value customers through more accurate lead scoring
  • Change how you prioritise: by locating high conversion probability customers
  • Change campaign structures: because you know where they are choking
  • Change contact methods: because you know what your leads prefer
  • Change first impressions: by improving the sign-up experience
  • Benefits: higher, faster, more cost-effective conversion rates


Get more from your customers – by knowing them better

  • Change communications: by understanding differing traits in customer segments
  • Change actions: by identifying ahead of time what will increase customer value
  • Change new business case strategy and presentation: by using behavioural traits and lifetime values
  • Change the relevance of your communications: cross and upsell more efficiently
  • Change who gets a discount, how much, and when: by knowing in advance what will be effective
  • Change expectations: by employing next best action prediction models
  • Change brand impact: by increasing satisfaction
  • Benefits:  increase engagement, customer lifetime value, profitability 


Keep the people who matter... and learn when to say goodbye

  • Change churn levels: by recognising when churn is imminent and by developing strategies based on knowing which customers are likely to leave
  • Change approach to high-churn customers: by knowing which ones actually cost you money
  • Change who you chase and how: by identifying the most likely returners – and why
  • Benefits: decrease churn, increase win-backs, identify negative customers, improve retention spend efficiency, reduce reliance on discounting
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Increase effectiveness at all stages of the company lifecycle

For our partners, such as consultancies, corporate finance organisations and private equity clients, we provide advantages from the start of the company cycle… right through to the end.

Due diligence

Change the reach, change the risk

  • Validate business models and corroborate valuations
  • De-risk investments by knowing more about performance and scalability of marketing activity
  • Understand historical vs future prospects
  • Diagnose marketing tech configuration and data quality
  • Spot unrealised potential to optimise post-investment


Change how quickly you make an impact

  • Accelerate customer acquisition to consistently outperform competition
  • Empower marketing teams to work at speed
  • Expand existing customer LTV through outreach optimisation
  • Build market share
  • Improve market position

Digital transformation

Change accountability by changing reliability

  • Clean inconsistent/unclean data from multiple sources
  • Futureproof data streams for ongoing informed decision-making
  • Automated KPI reporting across sales, marketing and finance
  • Faster customer journey redesigns by identifying conversion issues and choke points

Exit / IPO

Change the risk involved in selling

  • Prepare dataset and analysis for sale for both sellers and bidders
  • ‘Pre-mortem’ to identify gaps and problems – before it reaches the data room
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Who we work with

We help consumer businesses of all sizes. We also help consultancies, private equity firms and corporate finance houses working with both B2B and B2C companies to better inform their decision-making.

Acquiring powerful, business-changing analytics is a journey. Conjura is able to accelerate and shorten that journey, giving you access to capabilities that were unthinkable to all but the biggest new-world companies until fairly recently. The technical challenges and resources meant powerful predictive analytics were the sole preserve of giants such as Amazon, Google and Netflix. Conjura’s Data Convergence Hub changes that. The key here is flexibility. Our service is bespoke. We’ll adapt to your knowledge, IT capabilities and business needs. You can choose between full-on consultancy or pure use of the Data Convergence Hub, and anything in-between.

To learn more on the options, click here.

Consumer companies

Our aim is not to replace in-house analysts; quite the opposite. We aim to free you from the onerous responsibility of trying to ensure that data is correctly labelled and accurate, and allow you to concentrate on the more rewarding work of generating and acting on foresight. We share our experience and knowledge of what to look for, and how to maximise the benefits. We give you a refreshed daily picture automatically, so you can act fast. Your output will be customised to you, and fully visible.

Partners: private equity, consultancy, corporate finance

Our partners have confidence in Conjura because of our obsessive insistence on accuracy, the comprehensive nature of the data sources and our deep knowledge of the sector: we know what to look for. We’re objective, and the lack of bias is reassuring; we’re fast; we understand the urgency working within private equity timelines; and we’re up to date, meaning you’re working with today’s data, not last month’s.

Benefits across teams

Working with Conjura can benefit teams right across your business. Digital marketing will have a greater idea of where it’s most effective to allocate budget. Your analytics team will exchange data wrangling for the more rewarding and useful work of uncovering opportunities. Your IT team will be freed up for other projects, an often-overlooked release of resource; and merchandising teams will be better placed to plan buying quantities and better understand margins. As for accounts, we hope they’ll be happy with more transparency and bigger, more positive numbers.

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