A single source of truth

All your digital marketing, web analytics, payment and e-commerce data, in one place. Don’t rely on the individual ad-platforms to tell you how good they are (they usually exaggerate). Conjura is a single place to measure the performance of all channels, ad-platforms, campaigns and devices.

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We take care of the entire customer analytics workflow: accessing data from APIs, cleaning, joining and formatting the data, building and maintaining data pipelines and finally, data visualisation.

We've seen many companies try, and fail, to satisfy their analytics needs through internal solutions (they break) or off-the-shelf tools (they simply don't work). We offer a fully-managed analytics solution so that your team can focus its time on interpreting data, and making good decisions instead of maintenance and bug fixing.

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Built with flexibility

Building a sustainable customer analytics solution requires integration of disparate data sets. Ad platforms, web analytics products, e-commerce and CRM structure data in different ways. Configuration is complex and edge cases are common. We've seen dozens of different data stacks, and we're experts at making the data join.

Don't waste valuable engineering resources trying to figure all this out from first principles - let us handle the dirty work for you, so you can focus on interpreting the data and making better decisions.

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Granular LTV insight

Don't rely on approximations - get granular insight into how your channels and campaigns perform on LTV. We can also help you to predict customer LTV based on integrating product and demographic data.

Segment customers

High value customers usually have some features in common. We can help to shine a light on what these features are so you can acquire more of these customers.

Acquire better customers

You'll know which channels and campaigns acquire customers with good long term value, and which ones don't. Adjust acquisition strategy accordingly.

New vs. existing customer split

Spotting the difference between the two sounds easy – but for many it isn’t. Which channels and campaigns are bringing you new customers, and which are bringing existing customers back? Only when you know with certainty can you optimise.

Discounts & returns

Which channels are bringing your discount-hungry or return-prone customers? If you don’t know (and most don’t) then you are missing an opportunity to further optimise spend. With Conjura, you'll stop acquiring refund-happy customers.

Device attribution

Performance by device can vary hugely. We’ll give you the insights you need to compare mobile, tablet and desktop performance, and further optimise your spend to maximise your returns.

Rank channels

Facebook vs. Google vs. Bing vs. Affiliates – you name it, we connect to it and download the data every day. This gives you daily performance, CPAs, revenue per channel, returns by channel or whichever metric is most valuable to you.

Rank campaigns

All your campaigns, ranked by ROI or CPA, and updated every night based on yesterday’s performance (using actual revenue numbers). Move beyond Excel reporting and get scientific on identifying what’s working and what isn’t.

React fast

When your “awesome-red-shoes” campaign CPA suddenly surges upwards, you will have the opportunity to detect these changes and react quickly. If you're relying on weekly or monthly Excel reports you are missing out. Grab the opportunities when they arise, and protect yourself against potential losses.