Accurate data

Unlike CRM & ecommerce tools, Conjura doesn't rely on simplistic methods of customer deduplication (eg. email IDs). Conjura's analytics are based on accurately cleaned and deduplicated customer databases.

Built with flexibility

Ad platforms, web analytics products, e-commerce and CRM systems structure data in different ways. Configuration is complex and edge cases are common. We've seen hundreds of different data stacks, and we're experts at making the data join.


We take care of the entire customer analytics workflow: accessing data from APIs, cleaning, joining and formatting the data, building and maintaining data pipelines and finally, data visualization.

New vs. existing customer split

Channel & campaign performance split by new vs. existing customers. An especially critical insight for companies focused on acquisition.

Segment customers

High-value customers usually have some features in common. Conjura highlights these features so you can acquire more of these customers.

Granular LTV insight

LTV by channel and campaign. Predictive LTV based on integrating product and demographic data.

Rank channels & campaigns

All your channels & campaigns, ranked by ROAS or CPA, and updated every night based on yesterday’s performance (using actual revenue numbers). Double-down on the winners, and switch off the losers.

Margin, discounts & returns

Channel & campaign performance factoring in product margin, discounts and returns. Get insight into which channels & campaign are the most profitable. Adjust your campaigns accordingly.

React fast

Detect and react quickly to sudden campaign ROAS or CPA changes. Don't rely on a weekly or monthly Excel report. Grab opportunities when they arise, and protect yourself against potential losses.