A clean, automated data hub

The foundation of every solution we implement is the creation of a clean, automated data hub. This is a complex undertaking and involves a number of components: data gathering via API connectors; data cleaning and formatting; data joining via our software and client-specific workflows, and finally, full automation and maintenance of the data flow.

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Automated reporting and dashboard insights

Fed by clean data from the Conjura Data Hub (CDH), our dashboard visualisations deliver a range of standard and customised insights which automatically update daily. Examples of these insights include: ROI / ROAS by channel, campaign, device; CPA by channel, campaign, device; LTV by channel, campaign; campaign performance segmented by new vs. existing customer split; campaign performance factoring-in product margin & returns.

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Our lead scoring models help customers to prioritise sales leads. Customised for each customer and developed in consultation with them, our models synthesise data from a number of sources: demographic information, product interactions and past transactional data.

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Our Bayesian predictive LTV models assign a predicted lifetime value to every new sign-up, based on historical and current data. This predicted lifetime value at a customer or cohort level gives marketers instant feedback on the quality of leads and customers being acquired through new channels, guiding them towards more profitable customer acquisition.

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Our churn models offer subscription businesses critical insight into the causes of customer churn, ways to reduce churn, and highlight customer cohorts at risk where intervention may be able to prevent churn.

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Custom attribution models

Our custom-built attribution models bring our customers beyond rules-based attribution (eg. last-click) and offer more accurate performance measurement. Our algorithmic models utilise Markov chains, an ideal solution for marketing attribution as the sequence of marketing interactions and non-converting paths are both factored into the model. The model can also be statistically validated against real data making it an excellent choice on which to base decision-making.

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A world-class marketing analytics stack, designed, built and maintained for you

You could go on a journey to try and build this infrastructure yourself, but why take the risk? We've done this dozens of times and built up a large body of knowledge on what it takes to get this kind of reporting infrastructure to work. We will build and maintain a clean data hub, reporting insights and advanced data models for you, so you can focus your energies on interpreting the insights and making great decisions.