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E-commerce Analytics

Automate business reporting with dashboards and reports tailored to your business. As a product of 1000s of hours spent with expert e-commerce operators, our specialist analytics are designed to provide highly actionable insights for brands refreshed 
on a daily or intra-daily basis.
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Remove spreadsheets and claim back time

Eliminate complex and time-consuming manual calculations with automated daily, weekly and monthly reporting in your inbox.

Empower every function of your business

Unify your omnichannel data across systems, functions, partners, and geographies to take control of every core business function.

Be flexible with customisable KPIs

Choose between our templated reporting or customise your own to stay on top of the metrics that matter to your business.

Build more effective reporting

Access meticulously cleaned and merged data, allowing you to easily design the most impactful reports for your business objectives.

Transform your data, effortlessly

 The automated connection and transformation process will deduplicate and organise your data to ensure accurate reporting and better insights.

Dig deeper with granular insights

Advanced filtering capabilities allow you to drill further into KPIs to understand the true drivers of performance on an individual campaign, product SKU and customer level.

Answer key questions such as:

  1. What entry level products lead to higher subsequent repurchase rates?

  2. Which product categories drive more new customers in each marketing channel?

  3. What marketing channels are driving the highest customer LTV across each territory?

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"Conjura has enabled Naturecan to join the dots of business from formation. Sales, margin, marketing, fulfilment and CS, at a product level.
We know what is going on in our growing business as a result, which short cuts growth and reduces wastage. Immensely valuable."