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E-commerce Benchmarking

With access to 1000s of data points from across the e-commerce industry this self-serve report highlights your businesses strengths and weaknesses compared to the market; enabling you to generate and validate strategies tailored for growth. 
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Reveal unit

See what drives revenue, margin, repeat purchase, average order value and customer lifetime value at a granular marketing, customer and product level.

Estimate future

Understand where your most impactful growth opportunities lie by viewing where you are under or over indexing on each marketing channel, territory and product category.

Contextualise your

Use industry benchmarks to assess the value of your performance within the wider context of your vertical and region.

Answer key questions such as:

  1. How does growth in traffic and revenue compare to industry benchmarks in the relevant vertical?

  2. How do conversion rates compare against industry benchmarks for each channel?

  3. Which marketing channels make up a greater or lesser proportion of revenue compared
    to the benchmark revenue mix?
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"Conjura has enabled Naturecan to join the dots of business from formation. Sales, margin, marketing, fulfilment and CS, at a product level.
We know what is going on in our growing business as a result, which short cuts growth and reduces wastage. Immensely valuable."

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