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E-commerce Data Science

Accelerate growth by shifting focus from what’s happened to what will happen with data science. Employ data models to supercharge your business throughout each stage of your customer purchase journey.
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Become more

Leverage Machine Learning to automate the evaluation of customer interactions with your brand and reach more new customers with higher potential value.

Improve the quality of your decision-making

Incorporate predictive modelling to reduce guesswork and cut through the complexity that often accompanies data-driven decision making, avoiding paralysis by analysis.

Boost your

Predictive capabilities allow your business to respond quickly to market trends and changes in customer behaviour.

Answer key questions such as:

  1. Where should we direct our retention efforts to build more profitability into our customer base?

  2. How good are my marketing campaigns at acquiring high-value customers today?

  3. Which relationships between customers and products are likely to drive future growth?
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“The Conjura platform has revolutionised our stock forecasting by accurately predicting how and what customers are buying, allowing us to better inform our packaging, pick & pack strategy as well as streamline our operations over all”.
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