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Stock Analytics

Stock up and sell smarter with automated inventory dashboards that show you exactly what, when and how well you’re selling. Visualise all your stock KPIs in one place, including stock coverage, value and age.

Ensure optimum stock levels

Closely monitor inventory coverage by drilling into the details of your fastest and slowest selling
products, as well as those that will need to be replenished next.

Move products more effectively

Keep track of stock age, what’s not selling quickly enough and when you should discount to
move products faster. Design a profitable discounting strategy that supports customer
acquisition and your bottom line.

Repurchase with confidence

Plan stock replenishment with ease using our weekly sales, stock and intake (WISSI)
dashboard. Track your top-performing products and know exactly when to re-order, so you don't
miss out on revenue when customers are ready to buy.

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