That terrible scratching!

Bob stopped that terrible scratching.

His owner, Alice, from Poole, gave him flea treatment.

She’d seen an ad on daytime TV. She’d never considered that Bob might, you know, have…

Our client had increased TV spend by 50%.

Why? Because Conjura had shown our client that customers acquired through TV ads churned less and spent more than those signed up online.

Asked the question: “How can we acquire more high-value customers?”, we’d monitored the behaviour of new customers through our Data Conversion Hub.

That’s not all. Many stubborn underlying issues are common and unseen to nearly all of our clients. Here are a few that we managed to budge for our client

Here are a few that we managed to budge for our client…

The power of clean data…

We broke down their data silos, automating reports and saving many hours of valuable management time. We spotted that some customers defaulted less with certain payment types. We revealed flaws in the cancellation process. We showed how some channels gave a poor return by delivering high-churn customers. All led to changes in policy which led to changes in performance.

Churn rates reduced by 25%. Final payment failures dropped by 5%. Best of all…

Our client achieved 50% growth on their monthly recurring revenue.

Competitors have been left scratching their heads. Bob’s fine.

Conjura. Change the outcome.

Oceans of data…

Leslie, from Edinburgh, sips her tea. She’s in a particularly good mood.

The tea is made from moringa leaves. The moringa tree is known as the ‘Miracle Tree’, or the ‘Tree of Life’ for the positive effects its many and varied nutrients have on wellbeing.

A big bag of dried leaves was part of a larger order that had been delivered to Leslie that morning.

She ordered them online from health store Grape Tree. (Yes, there’s more than one tree in this story.) She’s become a big fan of a number of their products, and buys more each time.

She first heard of Grape Tree on Facebook.

Grape Tree had altered its advertising settings and budgets to increase the frequency and spend of social media ads.

This, of course, was not a random move. Conjura had showed Grape Tree that oceans of data doesn’t necessarily mean a true picture.

Data Foresight helped clear the waters. Here’s how…

A miracle…?

Our Data Convergence Hub revealed that Grape Tree had been double counting some purchases – a common error that leads to misinformed decisions. But this was just the start.

We helped Grape Tree calculate the lifetime value of the new customers that they acquired. We were able to show that customers acquired on social media were 30% more valuable than those acquired on paid search. We suggested that increasing the maximum cost per acquisition on social media would be a worthwhile investment. We also gave Grape Tree instant visibility on the performance of campaigns, allowing fast, dynamic reallocation of budget, maximising efficiency.

In data, how you feed yourself really does impact your financial wellbeing.

Grape Tree’s online revenue tripled year on year.

But we’re not claiming a miracle here. For that you’ll have to put the kettle on.

Conjura. Change the outcome.

You dodged a bullet!

Adrian, a fund manager for a private equity firm in London, raised his eyebrows at the email he’d just received.

A colleague had passed on the news that “Company X,” a retail business, had gone into administration. He wasn’t happy about that, of course.

But nine months earlier, Adrian had looked into acquiring the company for his fund.

It had several qualities that seemed, at face value, attractive.

Data Foresight convinced him not to proceed.

Adrian had used Conjura as part of his due diligence.

The Data Convergence Hub identified a major issue with how the target company was acquiring customers: they were paying way too much for the revenue they were receiving.

When it comes to private equity, quality information is everything…

A small fortune saved.

For example, we helped another client draw up a range of new parameters to assess if companies should receive investment. For another, we helped provide a data diligence piece that helps them know where they can add value, and hit the ground running post-acquisition with a ‘First 100 days strategy’. And for another we help cast the net wider, narrowing down the field of prospective investments by looking at all recently released accounts, automating a lengthy manual task. They can act faster as a result.

We give all these companies access to information that their competitors do not have. We help all of them get a greater return on investment over their portfolio.

Adrian’s decision probably saved his company around £5m.

Thankfully, he had already bought into Data Foresight.

Conjura. Change the outcome.

End the drought!

“A tidal wave of joy” – a celebration of Ireland’s thumping 43-13 Six Nations win over England at Croke Park in 2007.

This was one of a number of articles on about great sporting moments in Dublin. The had been given a high profile in a time when there was not much “Live” sport to write about.

It was also one of a number of articles behind a paywall. For many, this article was the tipping point – A story worth paying for

Conjura’s Data Convergence Hub helped understand the behaviour of high-value readers, showing how the decision to subscribe was directly driven by certain types of articles, and the number of times a reader would encounter a paywall before becoming a customer

Articles about sport being one of the most effective.

But in data analytics terms, we’ve barely kicked off…

A tidal wave of joy.

We were able to provide Independent News and Media with insight of readers’ tastes across all its sections. We gave editorial teams knowledge of what their audiences were reading, where, when, how and, in time, why.

We built an easy-to-use data schema curated around their needs, eliminating the task of spending many hours cleaning and manipulating data and allowing analysts to do what they do best: analyse. Way faster than before.

One of the results? Independent News and Media’s new subscriptions are FOUR times higher than the target they set.

As wins go, that’s almost as good as doing you-know-what to you-know-who at rugby. Almost.

Conjura. Change the outcome.

Head in the clouds…

James hated French. Found it hard to focus. Even so, he opened his results…  Grade A!

He used a revision book that made all the difference.

It was a gift. James’ mother bought it for him from an online company called Schoolbooks. On a whim. Because she knew he hated French.

She’d become a customer of Schoolbooks because of a search she’d made on Google…

Looking for storybooks for James’ much younger brother.

Schoolbooks had just increased advertising activity targeted at parents of younger children.

Without this change in policy, James’ mother might never have heard of them.

Conjura’s Data Convergence Hub segmented Schoolbooks’ customer base according to products purchased and age of children, and calculated the lifetime value of different segments.

Customers with younger children were higher value than those with older children.

Here’s why…

A-grade student.

The customer lifetime value would include the obvious factor that younger parents would likely be buying books for many years: Schoolbooks’ stats showed good loyalty. It would include a higher propensity to buy online: parents of young children are more often younger and likely more time pressured. And… as was the case here, that there would still be a likelihood of cross-sales to siblings. Like James.

That’s not all we were able to help with. Analytics on Schoolbooks’ product levels allowed for better decisions on which stock to prioritise going into their peak selling period. This helped maximise sales and margins in a crucial narrow window of opportunity between July and September.

Like James, Data Foresight also passed with flying colours.

Schoolbooks’ net revenue increased 35% year on year.

 Conjura. Changer le résultat.

Success stories

We’re proud to have helped instigate many thousands, perhaps even millions of success stories. Every extra sale, every advert, every customer that did something different… is a success story. For our clients, this quickly adds up to something big. All individuals’ names (even pets) and locations have, for obvious reasons, been changed.

That terrible scratching!

Even with flea-powder, there are good and bad customers. Where you find them has a story to tell.

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You dodged a bullet!

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Head in the clouds…

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