Effective Expansion

The Company:  

Naturecan is an eco-friendly UK CBD brand on a mission to improve sleep quality, reduce anxiety and bring balance to the minds and bodies of its consumers.

The Challenge: Urgent scaling in a new product category

Everybody relax! No really, because reports estimate that as of 2020, 8 million people in the UK are now using CBD for a variety of wellness benefits. In fact, the market is currently worth £300 million and is expected to triple in the next five years!

So Naturecan’s challenge wasn’t so much to drum up interest in their extensive range of oils, snacks, capsules and balms – as it was to understand where their most lucrative customers were coming from and how to replicate this success in new markets.

But due to restrictions on marketing CBD products with traditional marketing platforms like Google and Facebook, Naturecan needed to rely on channels such as affiliates and micro-influencers to acquire new customers…Annoyingly this left the brand with little visibility on who their customers were, what they were worth to the business and just how likely they were to buy again.

Our Solution: Granular marketing analytics

The Conjura platform automated performance insight at a country, marketing channel and product level; providing forensic clarity over all transactions and allowing them to accurately measure customer acquisition cost, repurchase rate and customer lifetime value.

Conjura was also able to surface advanced analytics for affiliate and influencer activity, allowing Naturecan to measure performance against each influencer and extrapolate individual KPI’s such as CAC and ROAS as well as the AOV being pulled in!

The Result: More visibility, less anxiety

Seeing performance broken down by country quickly revealed to this UK based company that their sales were most prolific in other markets with performance varying across promo codes. Now their data could inform the geographies and partners they allocated the most marketing spend to!

Viewing performance at an influencer & affiliate level also proved valuable by enabling Naturecan to instantly capitalise on high performers as well as disengage from those who weren’t delivering the goods. Saving time and money, as well as avoiding disappointing partnerships.

This increased visibility of performance at a product level helped Naturecan to understand which products were driving repeat purchase and therefore which were the most enticing entrypoints to their brand.

With their data in order, Naturecan was now primed to expand into new markets and continue lowering cortisol levels worldwide!

Key takeaways:

  • 400% Growth in the last 6 months
  • In-depth understanding of geography & partner performance
  • Visibility of their most lucrative entrypoint products

Conjura have enabled Naturecan to join the dots of business from formation. Sales, Margin, Marketing, Fulfilment and CS, at a product level.

We know what is going on in our growing business as a result, which short cuts growth and reduces wastage. Immensely Valuable.

Andy Duckworth, Founder of Naturecan

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