Refer an Agency or Investor promotion - Terms and conditions

Conjura - 12 September 2023


What is the Promotion about?


We love our network. So we’re rewarding you to share the love.


This Promotion (the “Promotion”) allows selected Conjura customers to earn a referral reward (the “Reward”). It's easy: your friend just needs to attend a demo with Conjura for eAssessment. You will only receive the Reward if you, and the people you refer to, meet the criteria in these terms and conditions, so please keep reading to find out how the Promotion works.


This Promotion runs from 12 September 2023 10:00 AM GMT until 12 November 2023 8:59 PM GMT. We call this the “Promotion Period”.


You, and the people you refer to, must meet all the criteria during the Promotion Period. If you or they do not, or if you or they partially meet a criteria during the Promotion Period, you will not receive a Reward.


Who is eligible for the Promotion?


Anyone who has received an invitation to the Promotion directly from us by email is eligible. If you have not received an email directly from us, you are not eligible.


What do you need to do to earn the Reward?


To earn a Reward, you must receive an email invite from us, refer an Agency or Investor to attend a demo with Conjura for eAssessment, and ensure that the referred completes all activities we set out below.


Inviting someone to attend a demo with Conjura for eAssessment is easy. Just open the email you received about this Promotion (remember, you must have received an email from us to be eligible) and click on the “Refer” button. You can invite Agencies or Investors from anywhere in the world.


You will be redirected to a form where you will fill out the details of the referred. Once the referred books a demo with Conjura for eAssessment we will notify you that the meeting is booked. Following an attended demo we will send you the Reward.


The amount of the Reward is a $75 Amazon gift card or a free eAssessment for your brand (worth over $500).


This is reserved for the first 60 successful referrals who book and attend a demo.


What does the person you refer need to do for you to earn the Reward?


For you to be eligible for your Reward, your invitee must be eligible for this Promotion (Shopify or BigCommerce Agency or eCommerce Investor) and book and attend a demo with Conjura for eAssessment. This means that:


They must book and attend a demo with Conjura for eAssessment.

Booking and attending a demo with Conjura for eAssessment means scheduling an online meeting (Google Meet, Microsoft Teams or Zoom Meeting) and passing our onboarding checks. If the referred fails our onboarding checks, you will not be eligible for your Reward. For example, they might fail these checks because they do not meet our onboarding requirements.

They must be a tech-fit. Either a) an Agency that works with brands using BigCommerce and Shopify or b) an eCommerce Investor that invests in or acquires brands.

They must book and attend a demo with Conjura for eAssessment.

They must be one of the first 60 Agencies or eCommerce Investors to book and attend a demo.

You will not be paid a Reward if the referred just books a demo and never attends. Also you will not be paid the reward if they attend the call and exit the call before viewing the demo.


What other legal information should I know?


We may, at our sole discretion, suspend, terminate or change these terms and conditions without notice.

These terms are published in English and any translation is a courtesy translation only. This means you cannot derive any rights from any translated version and only the English version can be used in legal proceedings.

This Promotion is a one-sided campaign, where only the referrer (not the referred) can be awarded the Reward.

The Reward will be paid to the referrer’s email inbox via the Amazon gift card or eAssessment of their brand in a PDF format.

Rewards will be paid within 10 working days of completion of the attended demo by the Agency or eCommerce Investor.

To be eligible for a Reward, you must comply with these terms and conditions and all other terms and conditions that apply to you.

Only users who receive an email invitation from us to participate in this Promotion are eligible for it.


These Promotion terms and conditions are an agreement between you and Conjura. If you have any questions or complaints about this Promotion, please contact Conjura.

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