Insight and automation at every stage of growth

No matter where you find yourself on your data journey, we can help you to put your customers at the heart of what you do, accelerate your business performance and automate your advantage over the competition.

Conjura Snapshot

View performance & growth opportunities

With Conjura Snapshot we build a clear picture from granular transaction level data. View a business through a new lens and compare against industry benchmarks to see how you measure up.

Conjura Quickstart

The most essential analytics for early stage companies

Are you brand-spanking new to the world of analytics? Need a guiding hand to help you get going in the right direction? With Conjura Quickstart we’ll automate essential reporting and analytics you need to scale effectively.

Conjura Business

Sophisticated analytics & data science for larger companies

Already have more data than you know what to do with? With Conjura Business you can connect an unlimited amount of data sources, automate analytics and data science all in a way that is highly customised to your business.

Benefits across teams

By connecting siloed data, many areas of your organisation will finally achieve better understanding and visibility on the key metrics needed to improve business performance and become a well oiled data-driven machine.

Working with Conjura benefits teams across your business:

Digital marketing

Your Digital marketing team will:

  • Optimise marketing investments across channels and campaigns
  • Increase forensic visibility of key metrics such as CAC, LTV, ROAS
  • Automate data integrations to enrich usage of marketing tools


Your Analytics team will:

  • Increase analytics capabilities by removing silos
  • Accelerate the value creation by working from a production ready data set
  • Spend more time generating insights and less time drowning in data


Your IT team will:

  • Reduce strain on IT resources for data processing
  • Outsource undifferentiated heavy lifting
  • Remove the challenge of ongoing maintenance


Your Merchandising team will:

  • Improve stock buying
  • Optimise product margins
  • Understand how to effectively use offers and promotions


Your Accounts team will:

  • Have more transparency for making faster decisions
  • Have an accurate view of unit economics
  • Will be able to automate leadership and board reports

Want to know more about how Conjura can benefit teams across your business? Get in touch.

Harnessing data

In the real world, there are many factors that influence why people engage, subscribe and buy like they do.

When operating online, businesses must use the most versatile tool in their arsenal to understand what customers want – their data.

Afterall, your data can do so much more than just help you to optimise marketing campaigns. With great analytics, you can understand your entire customer lifecycle, inform product, stock and other parts of your business to create great customer experiences and gain a real competitive advantage.

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