Deeper insights and more support than Glew

See how you can analyse your eCommerce performance end-to-end with a personalised demo of Conjura.

Implementation and customer support

Your solution will be activated by experts with built in alerts to quickly signal any failures in data quality & accuracy. End to end support from engineering, dedicated analysts and customer success.

Total eCommerce Analytics

We analyse your stock management, fulfillment and warehousing efficiency. Get more out of the box reports focused on operations with Conjura.

Benchmark your performance

Compare your performance against industry standards with a deep-dive report that highlights strengths, weaknesses and opportunities to grow.
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Why choose Conjura?

Conjura transforms all your eCommerce data into actionable insights your leadership teams can trust.
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Customer Success

Meet The Brands Fast Tracking Growth With Conjura

Conjura is able to pull data from multiple sources into user friendly dashboards and daily flash reports that give immediate business insights and consistency in reports.
Danielle Ognall
Head of Finance at Cath Kidson
Conjura has enabled Naturecan to join the dots of business from formation. Sales, margin, marketing, fulfilment and CS, at a product level. We know what is going on in our growing business as a result, which short cuts growth and reduces wastage. Immensely valuable.
Andrew Duckworth
CEO and Co-founder of Naturecan
The Conjura platform has revolutionised our stock forecasting by giving us insights which allow us to accurately predict how and what customers are buying, allowing us to better inform our packaging, pick & pack strategy as well as streamline our operations over all.
Wild Cosmetics

Dive deeper with customisable standard reporting

With Conjura you'll be able

Access reports personalised to your business from day one

Conjura will allow you to customise reports to make them truly meaningful for your business from the start.

Top-class customer success

We care. A lot. That's why we take customer service very seriously. With Conjura, you’ll get a dedicated Customer Success to take the stress out of your data reporting and help you with any challenges you face, big or small.

Single source of truth for all your eCommerce data

We clean and merge your eComm data into transformed data that leadership teams can trust to make fast decisions that will impact performance.

Shortcut growth and reduce waste

Granular insights into your entire eCommerce performance so you can truly understand the drivers of performance on a campaign, product SKU and customer level.
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