Not getting what you should from your data?

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Change the outcome

What if you had the power to know what would happen? If you could alter the course of events, all but certain that things would turn in your favour? What is the real value of having the ability to see, ahead of time, a better path?

That ability is foresight, and the real value is immense. We help give our customers foresight through a better use of data. We can help you distinguish between a great customer and a mediocre one. Know where to find them. How to win them, get more from them, keep them. We can even show you when it’s in your interests to say no.

Data Foresight

By combining consultancy expertise with a pioneering platform, we make state-of-the-art customer data analytics accessible to consumer-facing businesses and private equity companies. We change the outcome of a range of your business issues by providing quick access to something unique to us: Data Foresight.

We identify what data, from a range of sources, will make the difference for you, and transform it quickly and cost-effectively through our pioneering Data Convergence Hub into something clear, reliable and easy to manage. This multiple-source, through-time approach provides a far more accurate picture of what is really happening in your world, and more meaningful guidance on where opportunities lie and which actions will change the outcome for you. We can have you up and running in as little as ten to twelve weeks.

Success stories

All success stories in business begin and end with people. Here’s how Data Foresight has changed the outcome for some of our clients…

That terrible scratching!

Even with flea-powder, there are good and bad customers. Where you find them has a story to tell.

Oceans of data…

How knowing what they were being fed helped improve financial health for a natural food retailer.

You dodged a bullet!

Buyer beware. We showed a private equity client when it was better to say no.

End the drought!

How playing hard to get created loyalty for a large media organisation.

Head in the clouds…

When it comes to selling schoolbooks, assumptions can hide opportunities…

Who we are

Based in London, Dublin, New York, Spain and Australia, Conjura brings together experts in consultancy, software engineering, data science and analytics. We were founded to make state-of-the-art customer data analytics accessible to every small, mid-range and enterprise company in the world. We knew that between us we had the capability to remove the barriers which were preventing this. To do that we called on experience gathered in some of the world’s most highly regarded organisations, including McKinsey, Accenture, Google, and Palantir. And we called on qualities like curiosity, collaboration and nimbleness.

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