A single source of truth

All your digital marketing, web analytics, payment, e-commerce & CRM data, in one place.


We take care of your customer analytics needs, end-to-end, allowing you to focus on strategy & execution.

Built with flexibility

No two marketing & business technology stacks are the same. We have the flexibility to handle almost any set-up.

We know what world-class looks like - we'll get you there.

The biggest e-commerce and B2C companies have built the infrastructure required to power world-class customer analytics. We know because we’ve worked in companies like Amazon, eBay and Zalando. We can build this for you, bringing you powerful features:

Identify best channels & campaigns

Identify new marketing & growth channels

Automated reporting with no human error

Identify most valuable customer segments

Full visibility on critical metrics: LTV .v. CPA

Securely managed and maintained for you

We've built this for dozens of companies.

You could go on a journey and try to build this infrastructure yourself, but why take the risk? We've done this dozens of times. Our customers include companies spanning multiple industries, including e-commerce, transport and energy.

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We don't walk away

Implementing the necessary infrastructure to create a world-class marketing analytics stack is only the first step. Unlike companies that sell data integration tools, we don't walk away after the sale.

Solution maintenance is every bit as important as the initial implementation. We take care of that part for our customers so they can focus on interpreting the data and making decisions that will increase marketing ROI.

Why is maintenance so difficult?


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