Is your digital potential locked?

An increasing number of digital marketing platforms makes it harder for businesses to answer commercial questions on their ad spend.

Commercial KPIs

Find the ROI, LTV and CPA for each online campaign

Social Attribution

Analyse your Social campaigns across multiple attribution models

Benchmark Performance

Compare your website to your closest competitors

Mobile Insight

Analyse your camapaign ROI by device.

Conjura Unlocks

There are three unique features of the Conjura platform, each targeting different users in the organisation.

Commercial Oversight

High level reporting for senior management.

  • Daily commercial analysis across the complete online channel
  • Data-led insights designed to enable strategic decision making
  • Customised KPIs for client’s business model - ROI, CTA, LTV

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Marketing Optimisation

Detailed analysis for day to day campaign management.

  • Multi-channel data analysis enabling better optimisation
  • Drill-down capability to identify the most profitable campaigns
  • Improved reporting - immediate, accurate, and actionable

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Recommendation Engine

Advanced statistical analysis to detect opportunities across all channels.

  • Detects changes in Conversation Rates by device.
  • Recommends which campaigns to cull
  • Opportunities, or trends for any segment, for any KPI

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Our Solution

Conjura looks after all the integrations, collecting the data into one central location for you to query, analyse and view.

Website Compatibility

Tracking is complex, but our solution is simple to implement. Conjura works with almost all websites.


Ecommerce Websites


Subscription Models


Other SAS websites

Case Study

Conjura became a business decision engine for our client. We increased revenue by £1.2 million, while keeping costs the same, resulting in a 28% increase in ROI, over a 6 month period.


Our e-commerce client is in the fashion sector with online revenues of £5m. At a high level appeared to run profitable digital campaigns across seven channels, but wanted to optimise their online advertising.


Conjura worked to understand the long-term strategy, marketing goals, and current pain points, and set up the platform to show a bespoke set of dashboards that shone a light on the relevant data for the important stakeholders in the business.


Conjura identified AdWords campaigns with potential, enabling the team to focus on these to deliver a greater return.  A declining conversion rate on mobile was also highlighted, leading to discovery of a site fault that limited conversions.  Reporting was daily and more accurate.

Our client has asked to remain anonymous but are willing to act as a reference privately; provided they are not competitors.

Conjura highlighted our best campaigns… allowing me to double our ROI from digital

Head of Online, Fashion Vertical

Company is kept private but available on request.

I had no idea that we were losing so much money on just one channel… it stunted the entire campaign

Commercial Director, SAAS Vertical

Company is kept private but available on request.

Including sales data was a game changer in how we manage our digital spend

CEO, Furniture Client

Company is kept private but available on request.


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