About us

In 2018 we realised that really good data analytics were out of reach to those outside the Fortune 500. Which didn’t seem very fair. 

It didn’t make sense to us that having visibility of your business’ performance was a luxury commodity. So, we brought together powerful minds from some of the world’s most highly regarded organisations, to help businesses break down the barriers that were preventing them from using their data effectively.

Today you’ll find us democratising data in London, Dublin, New York, Spain and Australia.

What makes us tick

Sure, collecting data is easy. But harnessing it for change can be like trying to hit a moving target. If you’re not laser focussed and quick on the draw, you’re likely to miss the bigger picture as it shifts through time. 

Knowing this, we rely on our values to anchor us and give us the clarity to spot opportunities and challenges even before they arise.


Is there more to know?

We have a hearty appetite for life. We let our burning curiosity and thirst for knowledge guide us in uncovering the potential of what your data can do.


Have you tapped into the talent around you?

Many hands make light work. We live by this mantra, working collaboratively with each other and our clients to accomplish what none of us could do alone.


Have you questioned your own preconceptions?

Capitalising on new insights and opportunities requires empathy and flexibility. We strive to always see other people’s point of view, understand their needs and fearlessly question our own stances.


Can you inspire more confidence?

Our approach is simple: do what you say you’ll do, when you say you’ll do it. But also, just do it really well. Be surgically thorough - because our reputation and our customers’ businesses rely on it.


Have you made it clear?

We strip away the unnecessary hyperbole so that we can understand each other and get to the root of the challenges that actually matter to you.


What will the impact of your actions be?

Individually our values are powerful tools, but together they can help solve a problem before it even becomes one. Life is better when you question, understand and adapt with your surroundings.

Doing good with data

We take the act of arming our clients with in-depth access and understanding of their data very seriously. Afterall, analytics and data science can be incredibly powerful tools for any business looking to get inside the hearts and minds of their customers, influence buying behaviour and ultimately take over the world.

We know that with great power, comes great responsibility. Which is why we choose not to work with industries that don’t feed our souls.


Meet the minds that have come together to democratise data.

Anthony Anderson

Head of data science

Former consultant at Palantir; PhD in Applied Mathematics from Northwestern University; a long (10-year) sojourn into post-graduate academics that took me deep into the mathematics of sea ice and its geophysical consequences…. think Dennis Quaid in the Day After Tomorrow.

Dan Paulsberg


Director of finance for City Wonders and financial controller for IVF Australia; increased margins by 5% in 12 months at two companies by deploying software called DI Diver (which identified high and low margin customers); appointed financial controller at an organisation where the predecessor had wiped the books: delivered 24 months’ of management reports to a fully auditable position in 6 months.

Fran Quilty

CEO, co-founder

Former consultant with Accenture Analytics; head of analytics with Eagle Point Partners, overseeing 20+ analytics engagements with operators and private equity firms; 3-year PhD researching molecular biology in Trinity College Dublin; before that, community pharmacy: BSc (Pharm), also at Trinity.

Franklyn Martin


Adaptly (now Accenture Interactive) – senior vice president for revenue, leading international sales, client servicing and media operations; Pinterest – led brand partnerships and a vertical sales team in London, part of the go-to-market team for ads monetisation; a career working in digital media and ad-tech businesses, building sales teams and working with brands.

Paul Savage


Former CEO at Zolk C (Zolk developed the award-winning, GPS-enabled hand-held guide at the historic Culloden site in Scotland); COO at NearForm; helped oversee the rebuild of the back-end technology for both the leading US food website epicurious.com and The Times newspaper’s mobile apps; helped build the first truly cloud native platform for both a leading global consultancy firm and one of the Big Four. BE Hons in Electronic Engineering (UCD).

Simon Deeny

Director and co-founder

Co-Head of Global Finance EMEA, Nomura; roles in financial services selling complex derivative products; HSBC and RBS and spells in London and NY with Barclays; educated at Gonzaga College, UCD and L’ESCP.

Want to join the team?

Conjura is made up of some of the best data analysts, scientists and engineers from around the globe – and with so much talent under one roof, we’re growing faster than you can say ‘Business Performance Data Analytics’…which actually takes a minute to get through!

So if you have world-class skills and a burning desire to help businesses to get more from their data – then you are the one that we want!

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