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In 2018 we realised that there weren’t any analytics solutions that looked after the entire e- commerce ecosystem. 
So, we brought together powerful minds from some of the world’s most highly regarded organisations, to help design a platform that would make it easy for business at all stages of growth to access, automate and action powerful insights to drive sustainable growth.

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Is there more to know?
We have a hearty appetite for life. We let our burning curiosity and thirst for knowledge guide us in uncovering the potential of what your data can do


Contextualise your performance.
It’s easy to misinterpret data from a bird’s eye view.The greater the granularity of your analysis, the deeper the level of detail you can access and the more context you will have as to what, when and why your customers purchase like they do.


Work as one team.
Growing an e-commerce business really does take a village and being collaborative with your data is really about recognising that no single person knows everything about your business.


Make decisions faster.
Being on top of customer data has become crucial to businesses trying to keep calm and carry on. So while the world was in chaos during the global pandemic, the nimble survived and even thrived, while others fell behind.


Inspire confidence in data.
Data trust means having confidence that your organisation’s data is healthy, reliable and ready to act on. Because without trust in data there is little hope of progressing from monitoring it, to putting it into action.

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We bring together world-class skills and a burning desire to help e-commerce businesses to get more from their data.

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