About us

There are moments in life when you see an opportunity to change things. Ours came in 2018. We saw a world in which access to the real power of data was dominated by mega-corporations… and a route to ending that. We knew that by mixing the insight and experience of a consultant with the right technology we could bring down the barriers that were preventing companies from using their data effectively.

Our company draws on expertise in consultancy, software engineering, data science and analytics. We’re lucky to be able to call on a deep well of experience gathered in some of the world’s most highly regarded organisations, including McKinsey, Accenture, Intercom, Palantir, plus data leaders such as Betfair and Paddy Power. Two years later, and the buzz of having an impact with what we do is greater than ever. Not only was our thinking proven to work. We get better with every passing month.

You’ll find us in London, Dublin, New York, Spain and Australia.

What makes us tick

That we make foresight possible for our clients does not happen by accident. The art of considering the implication of decisions and actions is something that we’re really excited to work on. Every single day. By asking ourselves simple but tough questions on five things in particular we create a working ethos at Conjura that is recognisably our own, one that is a pleasure to put into practice, with our clients and with each other. It leads all of us, individually and collectively, to think with, behave with and ultimately produce ‘foresight’.


Do you know everything that you should know?

Curiosity is appetite for life. People who just have to find out are critical to us: knowledge feeds creativity. We need curiosity to keep leading in our own field of data analytics, and we need it to understand our own customers. By connecting these two, we create opportunities.


Have you got the most from the talent and knowledge around you?

There’s a buzz from working together to do something that none of us could achieve alone. We work highly collaboratively with clients to get at the details that matter. We empower ourselves internally by sharing our talents. Working together is more fun.


Have you seen all sides and questioned your own preconceptions?

Between them, curiosity and collaboration reveal things: new approaches, opportunities, insights. Capitalising on this requires flexibility. See other people’s point of view, understand their needs, constantly and fearlessly question your own stance. Empathy is everything.


Have you done everything you can to inspire confidence?

Trust in the accuracy of our work drives everything. Here’s our approach: do what you say you will do. Do it when you say you’ll do it. Do it well, extremely well: be forensically, surgically thorough, because our reputation and our customers’ businesses rely on it. Enjoy the effect that trust has on morale.


Have you been clear enough to avoid error, missed opportunity, or misinterpretation?

We’re back to empathy: speak to the needs and understanding of those you deal with. Strive for simplicity. Search for and speak the truth. Strip away what is unnecessary. Reveal what matters.


What do you know about the impact of the action you are about to take?

These values are all interconnected, they all work together. Together they can help solve a problem before it even becomes one. They see an opportunity ahead of the rest. Life is better this way.


Different backgrounds, different minds, same objectives. Meet some of our key people here.

Anthony Anderson

Head of data science

CV says: Former consultant at Palantir; PhD in Applied Mathematics from Northwestern University; a long (10-year) sojourn into post-graduate academics that took me deep into the mathematics of sea ice and its geophysical consequences…. think Dennis Quaid in the Day After Tomorrow.

He says: I take great pleasure in applying mathematical frameworks to business problems and understanding customer behaviour. One of the things that I’ve brought with me from my academic background is that mathematical models are not much use unless you can learn something from them about how the world works. Out of work I’m an avid beer brewer. Extremely fond of the traditional Belgian Lambic beers (those beers that are made under rafters with cobwebs untouched for decades). If I wasn’t doing data science I would definitely be finding some way to get paid to make beer.

We say: We will pay you.

Dan Paulsberg


CV says: Director of finance for City Wonders and financial controller for IVF Australia; increased margins by 5% in 12 months at two companies by deploying software called DI Diver (which identified high and low margin customers); appointed financial controller at an organisation where the predecessor had wiped the books: delivered 24 months’ of management reports to a fully auditable position in 6 months.

He says: I’m American – grew up in the Midwest, so probably stuck with those work habits and ideals. This means I’ve made the journey from American football (I own 1 share in the Green Bay Packers) to rugby (I help coach rugby at my kids’ school) and hurling (help coach Gaelic at their club). Not sure which is more ironic. Lucky to have lived in San Francisco and Sydney as well as Dublin... and luckier still to have been at the ground in Chicago when Ireland beat New Zealand for the first time in 111 years.

We say: The Chicago rugby thing should be on his CV.

Fran Quilty

CEO, co-founder

CV says: Former consultant with Accenture Analytics; head of analytics with Eagle Point Partners, overseeing 20+ analytics engagements with operators and private equity firms; 3-year PhD researching molecular biology in Trinity College Dublin; before that, community pharmacy: BSc (Pharm), also at Trinity.

He says: I don’t think that I’m a data nerd. Analytics (statistics meets observations) for me started with Malcom Galdwell through a series of TED talks and books. From that moment on I was hooked! I have a constant desire to understand the inner mechanics of a business, often so I can benefit as a consumer, but obviously it helps with the day job. One hugely satisfying part of my job is advising on mergers and acquisitions. There is a great thrill in creating investment hypotheses and following their progress over the subsequent years. Paradise for me is Portmarnock Golf Club on a sunny Saturday morning, 7.30am tee time. And, yes, for no real understandable reason I need to be constantly up to date on all sports.

We say: He’s a data nerd.

Franklyn Martin


CV says: Adaptly (now Accenture Interactive) – senior vice president for revenue, leading international sales, client servicing and media operations; Pinterest – led brand partnerships and a vertical sales team in London, part of the go-to-market team for ads monetisation; a career working in digital media and ad-tech businesses, building sales teams and working with brands.

He says: Curiosity led me to data and analytics. I knew the value it has for marketers but I wanted to explore broader business questions. I’m a board game enthusiast and chess addict – I’m afraid to say I’ve actually made it through a 520-page book on ‘the end game’... all about working backwards from the finish to make better moves at the start. We use the same approach with our customers, working backward from desired outcomes. I support Saracens and Barnet FC but will gladly watch or participate in most sports. I once cycled 1000km through France on a diet of seafood, wine and cheese - a long bike ride is a great metaphor for life!

We say: Unbeaten in the office at chess. We’re all too scared to play him.

Paul Savage


CV says: Former CEO at Zolk C (Zolk developed the award-winning, GPS-enabled hand-held guide at the historic Culloden site in Scotland); COO at NearForm; helped oversee the rebuild of the back-end technology for both the leading US food website epicurious.com and The Times newspaper’s mobile apps; helped build the first truly cloud native platform for both a leading global consultancy firm and one of the Big Four. BE Hons in Electronic Engineering (UCD).

He says: I’ve always been fascinated by the process of turning nothing into something. I love complexity; I love managing it to bring products to market. Basketball hoops, board games, reading and climbing. I’m a juggler, literally and metaphorically. It helps – I like to think, anyway – me keep my head while others are losing theirs.

We say: We’re getting more inventive about the things we bring in for him to juggle with.

Simon Deeny

Director and co-founder

CV says: Co-Head of Global Finance EMEA, Nomura; roles in financial services selling complex derivative products; HSBC and RBS and spells in London and NY with Barclays; educated at Gonzaga College, UCD and L’ESCP.

Simon says: I am the only non-engineer/maths/computer scientist/geek at Conjura... and it shows: I am the prehistoric dinosaur on the team and I’m in sales. Although not a boomer, all the Gen X,Y & Zs at Conjura call me one. I like socialising, and considering Conjura is built on data science and engineering, and many data analysts prefer to live in the shadows, it is perhaps ironic that I fell in love with the business so early on. But in every organisation there is a need for someone to simplify and translate the message, and I like the challenge of that, and I like the human element of it. There’s something that feels quite magical about what we do, but behind it an immense amount of thought goes into what is driving an industry, behaviour or business. I think we all revel in the fact that each time we learn something new. Out of work I used to run marathons… now I run around chasing any kind of ball with my family: we’re all sports crazy, particularly tennis.

We say: He has a, ahem, booming forehand.

Working with us

This bit, unlike so many other things you’ll get from us, isn’t quite empirical, it’s not pure data, it’s more… subjective. But it is based on what our clients tell us. And our own opinion. And maybe a bit of sales patter. Because we do want your business, and the most talented analysts out there to come and work for us. So, we’re going to come right out and say it…

We think we’re fun to work with. Yes, yes, they all say that, but we really are. For data freaks, we’re almost human in fact, we even go to the pub sometimes. We like the work, we find it interesting, and that probably makes us easier to work with. We don’t go round muttering to ourselves, we’d just like to clear that up now. Quite the opposite, we actually like talking to people… but lots of us are Irish, so… that’s data you could have probably got your hands on.

But it goes further, because apparently many of our clients enjoy talking to us and even listen to what we have to say! They want to talk to us more, not less, and we take that as a good sign. We must be doing something right. We make an effort. That needs saying. We work hard, and we’re disciplined. We want the best for you. That definitely needs saying. We want the best for each other. And there’s nearly always a way to make that happen. Positive, right? That’s why we come to work, and that’s how it is to work for us.

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