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NEW REPORT: Covid-19’s impact on UK e-commerce businesses and customers
Read more Written by Amanda Hagen
Conjura are hiring Engineers!

We are looking for hard working, intelligent engineers to work on a fast growing team. Apply now!

Read more Written by Will Caffrey
UTM Parameters: Unlock great online marketing performance

UTM parameters are a well known concept in online marketing, but their use rarely follows best practice. By not using UTM parameters properly, companies are missing a trick and are likely not meeting their potential online. Read this article to learn how to use UTM parameters effectively.

Read more Written by Hannah Shortle
Conjura are hiring a Content Marketing Manager!

We are looking for a prolific and talented content creator to write and produce content that builds awareness in our target market and creates leads for the sales team. This role requires a high level of creativity, attention to detail, and project management skills. If this is you, please apply!

Read more Written by Franklyn Martin
When building data architecture, focus on impact

The majority of projects to build data analytics architecture fail. In this article we outline a better way to designing and building data architecture: focus on impact.

Read more Written by Will Caffrey
Conjura are hiring Data Analysts!

Conjura are hiring Data Analysts across our offices in Dublin and London or to work remotely. Apply now to join our super talented team and help provide our clients with Data Foresight.

Read more Written by Anthony Anderson
Three configuration issues affecting Google Analytics

Google Analytics is an incredibly powerful tool for data analytics. Best of all, you get tonnes of great functionality for free! There are many pitfalls when using Google Analytics however. This post outlines three of the most common issues we’ve seen with GA configurations and how they can affect your data quality.

Read more Written by Will Caffrey
Conjura: Say hello to our new branding and identity

We feel that this new identity is much more representative of us as a company and reflects both our personality and our work, both things that we are proud of! 

Read more Written by Fran Quilty
How sophisticated is your approach to customer analytics?

Our experience has allowed us to identify and surface 16 questions across 4 categories that can signal your level of sophistication in customer analytics. In this article, we’ve outlined these questions and how they can help you identify the level of sophistication of your approach.

Read more Written by Will Caffrey
Online Marketing: Customer Lifetime Value & Return on Ad Spend

Over the last couple of years, Conjura has worked with dozens of companies. One of the most common questions we are asked is “How do I make sure I am maximizing the value I get from online marketing?”

Read more Written by Will Caffrey

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