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Next-gen eCommerce Agency Audits: How Automation Transforms In-Depth Analysis

The Status Quo for eCommerce Agency Audits

eCommerce agencies' audits are often let down by a lack of in-depth insight, mainly due to a lack of time and the cost of hiring top analysts. As the audit is a key part of the process to win new customers the insight from the audit can be the difference. 

But getting in-depth insight requires access to primary tools (such as ad platforms and eCommerce platforms) which can often be painful to navigate and quite manual for both the brand and the agency. Brands expect agencies to invest their time, even when multiple agencies are vying for the same business and other brands' business at the same time! Agencies are then forced to prioritize their internal resources to perform these audits based on availability and the perceived size of the business at stake. This can result in audits lacking in-depth insights, being designed and presented poorly or missing an opportunity to work with the next major DTC brand.

However, there is a better way…a method that has taken a lot of learnings from both from eCommerce analytics tools and from due diligence performed by D2C investors. How could this be? Well, read below for more.


In Conjura we have evolved from building custom analytics solutions and performing ad hoc analysis on D2C businesses to building a fully automated self serve data tool that can both produce a UI that serves as an analytical aid for operators but also produce a detailed report that acts as an audit for agencies.

Our eAssessment platform has taken all the machinery from an analytics tool, combined with all the consulting experience of producing detailed reports for D2C investors to produce a comprehensive analysis of a business.

Why automate your brand audits

Having a consistent and automated audit process enables an agency to be more efficient. By automating the process, agencies can be more proactive during prospecting for new clients and internal resources can spend more time providing value to existing clients. A straightforward, repeatable process that requires no manual analyst effort while maintaining the same consistent in depth output for any brand, big or small. Best of all, the output is a PDF format in agency branding so can be used directly in a presentation.

Another important element is the real source of truth for certain metrics. Data accuracy is maximised by taking the right metric from the most accurate source. This ensures the output contains the real source of truth. For example, Google Analytics can be the source of traffic-based metrics but Shopify will be the source of revenue-based metrics.

Finally, there are some metrics that are harder to generate than others. These typically involve merging multiple data sources together as all the necessary information does not sit in one platform. The eAssessment report allows agencies to monitor customer lifetime value by country, by channel, by product category or even all three combined. Many operators do not have access to insights at this level of granularity as they are too difficult to generate.

All of these practices when performed in an automated manner will save agencies ample time and money whilst often improving the final audit. Where necessary additional qualitative content can be supplemented onto the automated output but the process will still be far more effective and undoubtedly more efficient than the manual alternative.

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