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Secure Your Google Analytics Universal Analytics Data with Conjura Before It's Too Late!

Google Analytics Universal Analytics Sunsets in July

In today's rapidly changing digital marketplace, maintaining a competitive edge through analytics is essential for e-commerce businesses aiming for growth and operational efficiency. With Google Analytics Universal Analytics (GA UA) phasing out in July, the pressure is on to secure your invaluable data. Conjura is here to ensure you safeguard your past insights and bridge seamlessly to the future with Google Analytics 4 (GA4).

Act now before it’s too late!

After July, you'll lose access to your historical GA UA data, including key insights on customer acquisition channels pre-transition to GA4. This data is essential for mapping out long-term customer lifetime value (LTV) trends. Without these insights, accurately assessing the long-term value and journey of your customers turns into a guessing game, placing your e-commerce business at a disadvantage in today's competitive landscape.

Conjura's Lifeline: Seamless Transition and Enhanced Insights

We understand the value of historical data and the nuances of transitioning between analytics platforms. Conjura syncs your last three years of GA UA data and provides straightforward, seamless comparisons between your current GA4 data and historical UA data.

Retail Analytics’ Features

  • Comprehensive Metrics: View all your essential metrics from different platforms in one place with our clean, easy-to-use dashboards. Get a holistic view of your e-commerce performance, enabling you to make  clearer and more informed decisions to drive improved sales performance
  • Product Contribution Analysis: Conjura analyzes your ad links to determine precise  marketing spend for each product. Detailed contribution analysis subtracts marketing costs, product COGS, and refunds from each product's revenue, offering a transparent view of actual impact on your bottom line.
  • Product Actions: Optimize your ad spend at the product level to ensure your marketing investment is delivering maximum return. Automated analysis of your advertising spend per product leads you to actionable insights for rapid strategy updates.  

Explore Conjura’s Retail Analytics with our free trial, no credit card required. Experience firsthand the capabilities of our platform and see how it can revolutionize your analytics strategy, ensuring you retain your historical GA data.

Remember, the clock is ticking towards July, and the time to act is now. Secure your historical data and ensure continuity in your analytics. Sign up for Conjura today.

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