5 Bullet Friday: Colm Kelleher

Thanks for joining us for another 5 Bullet Friday! This bi-monthly post gives you insight into what the people of Conjura are loving, using, reading, watching, thinking about that week. Do go back and check out our previous 5BF with Conjura CEO Fran Quilty.

This week’s 5BF introduces our Solutions Consultant Colm Kelleher!

  • What I’m watching:

Inside by Bo Burnham. I’ve been a fan of his for a while but this is his best work yet, I think. It’s both funny, topical, and very dark at times and leaves you a bit shell-shocked afterwards.

  • What I’m reading:

The Computer Scientist training AI to think with analogies (Quanta Magazine). This publication always has interesting articles on the most recent stuff in science, maths, and computer science. Their articles tend to be very clear and easy to understand for total laypeople, and this one is no exception. It interviews Melanie Mitchell, who’s been in the field for decades and takes a more philosophical approach to AI than others.

  • Interesting work happenings:

We’re always tweaking and improving the sales process for every new opportunity, and this week was no different. For a current proposal myself and Will are working on, we’re experimenting with more use-case language (emphasising the “heat” over the “radiators”, as Paul Savage would say).

I also had the chance to put together a basket-type analysis, looking at which products people tended to buy on their second purchase, given their first purchase product and their acquisition channel.

  • Interesting events this week:

Finally got vaccinated, happy to get that out of the way! There was a mini-surge of people in the Dublin office registering thanks to Hannah Shortle’s post in the slack channel.

We also re-started the morning swims with James H, Grace and Fiona. Need to make the most out of this weather!

  • Things I’m enjoying:

  1. Californian Soil  by London Grammar – not usually one to listen to albums all the way through but this one is a cracker.
  2. “Edit your life frequently and ruthlessly. It’s your masterpiece after all”

– Nathan W. Morris.

This quote is resonating with me alot lately, having moved about 4 times during the pandemic, I’ve found that big changes happening often, while daunting, is one of the keys to a happy life. Getting comfortable where you are provides consistency, but also boredom, and you need to shake things up every now and then. Letting go of things that you might be protective of, but that no longer fit, no matter how much you like them, is tough but ultimately very worthwhile.