5 Bullet Friday: Hannah Shortle

Welcome back to 5 Bullet Friday! This bi-monthly post gives you insight into what the people of Conjura are loving, using, reading, watching, thinking about that week. Do go back and check out our previous 5BFs with:

This week’s 5BF introduces Senior Data Analyst Hannah Shortle!

People who inspire me:

My cat, Belle. She joins a few Zoom meetings when she feels like it, but mostly naps all day, only moving to find a new spot to nap or to scream at me for food. Living the dream and reminding me not to sweat the small stuff.

What I’m learning about:

I’ve been playing classical piano for years but recently I’ve decided to try my hand at some jazz. It’s very different to what I’m used to; lots of new scales and rhythm patterns to wrap my head around. I’ve mostly been using Youtube for this endeavour, particularly the channels Piano with Jonny and Greg Lloyd’s Classical to Jazz Piano.

What I’m watching:

The Great British Bake Off (who isn’t?!). As a vegan myself I was rooting for Freya but unfortunately she left a couple of weeks ago. They have some amazing people on this year so it’s impossible to pick a new favourite! Bake Off always makes me want to bake so recently I’ve tried my hand at Battenburg, bakewell tarts and sticky toffee pudding, all veganised of course.

What I’m enjoying:

I’m really enjoying getting back into gaming now that summer is well and truly over. Right now I’m particularly loving so-called ‘cozy games’, i.e. think less cars and guns and more villages and cute animals. Some of my favourites are Animal CrossingCozy Grove, Stardew Valley, and Townscaper.

What I’m reading:

I’ve just started ‘Where the Crawdads Sing’ by Delia Owens and am really enjoying it so far. The author is a Zoologist and Animal Behaviourist and has written academically before, but this is her first work of fiction. Her descriptions of the marsh the story is set in are so detailed and vivid it really makes you feel like you’re there.