Conjura are hiring Engineers!

Conjura: the company

Conjura is a technology company that specialises in something we call Data Foresight. By combining consultancy expertise with a pioneering technology platform, we’re making state-of-the-art customer data analytics accessible to consumer-facing businesses and private equity companies. Data Foresight gives our clients the opportunity to influence many business objectives, changing the outcome in their favour.

For the companies we work with, we identify what data will make the difference, and transform it quickly and cost-effectively from a wide range of sources through our pioneering Data Convergence Hub into something clear, reliable and easy to manage. This approach provides a far more accurate picture of what is really happening in their world, and more meaningful guidance on where opportunities lie and which actions will change the outcome.

Our head office is based in Dublin, located in Clonskeagh near the UCD campus. We also have analyst and sales teams in London. However, as a remote-first company, location is not an issue and we also have staff based in Spain and Australia!

Working at Conjura

Working at Conjura isn’t for the faint hearted. We’re always reaching for the latest approaches, tools and technology to enable ourselves to move fast. But we are more than just data analysis machines. So, we’re going to come right out and say it.

We think we’re fun to work with. Yes, yes, they all say that, but we really are. In fact, for data nerds, we’re almost human, we even go to the pub sometimes. We like the work, we find it interesting, and that probably makes us easier to work with. We actually like talking to people…

But it goes further, because our team builds deep trust relationships with our clients and our clients enjoy talking to us, they all listen to what we say! They want to talk to us more, not less, and we take that as a good sign. We must be doing something right. We make an effort. That needs saying. We work hard, and we’re disciplined. We want the best for each client. That definitely needs saying. We want the best for each other. And there’s nearly always a way to make that happen. That’s why we come to work, and that’s how it is to work at Conjura.

Being an Engineer at Conjura

Our engineering team is small, we’re still defining how our product should work. We try to validate ideas as quickly and cheaply as possible. Security, privacy and correctness are our top priorities — no deadline comes before these.

We value aptitude over experience. Previous experience with distributed systems and large datasets will be useful, but curiosity about the business world is just as important.

As a member of the engineering team you will:

  • Write high quality software, no corners cut. Security, privacy and correctness come first.
  • Shape our engineering and company culture. We’d like to learn from your experience.
  • Teach and learn from other members of our team. Our backgrounds are diverse, with a wide range of experience and career paths. Though we have many different skills, from technology to business, we work best as a single team.
  • Be a generalist. Contribute to our technical architecture, infrastructure and product development. 

Knowledge of our preferred languages and tools is not a requirement for this role. Smart, curious people pick the best (or least-worst) tool for the job. Our application is built in Python 3 using Django. We make use of static type checking, linting and unit testing to be confident about our correctness. Our front-end is built with React and we use a variety of storage options including S3, Snowflake, Redshift, BigQuery and PostgreSQL. Engineers work across the full stack, there are no distinctions between frontend and backend.

We’re looking for experienced engineers to build up our core team, as we need to grow our capacity to mentor before hiring less experienced engineers. Experience in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence will be highly regarded, so please include details of your practical skills and experience in these areas. Successful applicants will receive a full-time permanent offer, with a competitive salary, equity options, and flexibility to allow working remotely or at home. With our size and fast growth, there’re many opportunities for career progression.

Conjura team values

  • Curiosity – We NEED to know about our customers’ businesses, what makes the businesses tick and what will make it better. We continuously sharpen our skills and keep up to date with the latest approaches to analytics.
  • Collaboration – Yes we have degrees and PHDs, and we have done amazing things with data, but when we join Conjura we check our ego at the door. This is because, as individuals, we don’t have all the answers. The excellence of our team is shaped from multiple points of view and backgrounds working collaboratively. At the same time we are equally at home working independently – sometimes we need to take ownership.
  • Trustworthiness – We are trusted to produce accurate insights from commercially sensitive data sets. We must employ analytical rigor and quantitative reasoning skills.
  • Nimbleness – We need to flex when our client’s business, customers or market changes!
  • Clarity – We must simplify complexity and explain value points to time poor, inexpert stakeholders. We have a passion for communicating ideas with data and technology.


Please send your application to with “[Your name] – Job Description” in the subject line.