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Solutions Consultant

Being a Solutions Consultant at Conjura

This role supports the sales team throughout the sales cycle. Solutions consultants are responsible for providing the technical and domain expertise needed to qualify and develop new business opportunities. Responsibilities include:

  • Assist the sales team in lead qualification and discovery
  • Develop critical workflows for transforming, visualising, and extracting value from data.
  • Perform audits on client prospects by reviewing technology systems, data structure and quality.
  • Present product demos to client prospects.
  • Develop designs for how Conjura’s data platform can be applied to client data structure, data quality and business objectives.
  • Create and present technical proposals to clients.
  • Be the Conjura data platform subject matter expert for Conjura’s sales team.
  • Work with Client Delivery and Engineering teams to ensure data platform knowledge is up to date.

You should meet most of these role qualifications:

  • Must be comfortable diving into a brand new piece of technology and “figuring it out”.
  • Ability to quickly develop an understanding of how client data is structured and how data might be ingested into Conjura’s data platform.
  • Curious about how businesses work, how the teams operate, how they sell products and how data can support and accelerate high performance.
  • Able to develop relationships quickly.
  • Experience of data analytics.
  • Can identify business opportunities from the commercial application of data.

This will also help you in the role:

  • Experience of online marketing, ecommerce and/or consumer subscription businesses.
  • Experience with data analytics and data warehousing tools such as Tableau, PowerBI, Alteryx, AWS, Snowflake, Google Cloud Platform.
  • Experience with online marketing, ecommerce platforms, payment platforms: Shopify. Magento, WooCommerce, Google Analytics, Google Ads, Facebook, GoCardless, Xero etc.
  • Experience presenting information using visualisation tools like Lucidchart.

About Conjura

Founded in 2018, the Conjura Platform accelerates e-commerce performance for consumer brands.

Conjura customers can connect, action and benchmark their data with one powerful platform. Conjura empowers data-driven decision making with intuitive dashboards and actionable insights for e-commerce businesses.


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