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Conjura Acquires Optily: A Milestone for Irish Innovation in Global eCommerce

June 11, 2024

Conjura, a pioneer in eCommerce data analytics, is delighted to announce its acquisition of Optily, a leading advertising optimization solution for Shopify merchants worldwide. This acquisition showcases the strength of Irish innovation with both brands attracting eCommerce businesses globally.

Conjura’s flagship solution empowers eCommerce brands to optimize SKU profitability with laser-like precision. Integrating Optily’s advanced advertising optimization technology within a suite of services will accelerate Conjura’s growth and extend its market reach, providing even greater value to users.

This combination is set to provide eCommerce brands with unparalleled operational efficiency and profitability enhancements. Optily has been growing its installed base rapidly following a pivot to focus on the Shopify app store ecosystem over the last 18 months. This ever-increasing base of users can benefit from immediate and exclusive subscription offers for Conjura's profitability optimization engine.

Fran Quilty, Co-founder and CEO of Conjura, highlighted the synergistic potential of this integration stating: 

"We are delighted this team is joining Conjura. By offering Optily’s rapid, user-friendly ad optimization solution built for Shopify, we see an opportunity to invite merchants into the world of actionable insights from Conjura’s detailed analytics services. Online sellers will experience swift improvements in advertising efficiency and gain access to detailed product-level metrics, benchmarking, and recommended actions to surpass their growth objectives."

Fran Quilty, Co-founder & CEO, Conjura

Conjura's Retail Analytics service showing automated performance trends dashboard

A Growth Market Ready for Consolidation

With a deep understanding of the adtech/martech sector, the leaders and investors of Conjura and Optily recognize that the industry is poised for consolidation. The sector currently presents various partial solutions to complex problems. The inclusion of Optily in Conjura’s expanding suite of services marks a new wave of this consolidation journey aimed at transcending basic business insights to deliver direct, actionable knowledge through partner integrations and AI advancements. Conjura is familiar with the benefits of product synergies and through existing partnerships with products such as Sage's Inventory Planner solution, Conjura is already offering a level of insight unmatched by competitors.


Conjura's acquisition of Optily combines the expertise of seasoned industry professionals, united by a common goal to create intuitive, innovative, and highly effective software solutions. This partnership is designed to unlock the full potential of millions of eCommerce stores globally, maximizing their efficiency and profitability. Conjura is on a path to become the go-to service for eCommerce growth for brands, agencies and partners alike.

About Conjura

Conjura is at the forefront of data analytics, transforming complex data into actionable insights that drive profitability and operational efficiency. With a commitment to expanding its reach in key international markets, Conjura is an essential partner for brands navigating the complexities of the digital marketplace.

In May 2023 Declan O’Mahoney was appointed Chairman of the Board of Directors of Conjura, bringing with him extensive experience leading numerous tech businesses including Northstar Systems, Firecomms and HeartSine. With a wealth of knowledge in mergers and acquisitions, Declan has been a key driver in completing the acquisition of Optily.

About Optily

Optily provides a rapid advertising optimization solution tailored for Shopify. Since pivoting to the Shopify app store, Optily has seen a surge in user growth, attracting thousands of new installations from merchants worldwide. Optily is available on the Shopify app store and will soon offer merchants exclusive opportunities to upgrade to Conjura’s analytics solution.

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