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Conjura Unveils eCommerce Product Dashboards

eCommerce operators will be able to tackle pressing challenges such as maximizing profitability and optimizing business operations with Conjura's new dashboards.

DUBLIN, IRELAND, February 22, 2023 -- Conjura, a leading eCommerce data analytics platform, today announced the release of two new product dashboards that are set to address the key priorities that most eCommerce businesses have identified as pressing in 2023. The Product Actions and Product Table dashboards offer powerful and timely solutions for eCommerce brands looking to boost profitability and streamline their operations.

The Product Actions dashboard provides actionable insights and recommendations to help eCommerce operators run their stores with increased efficiency and effectiveness. This innovative tool sheds light on hidden opportunities, helps identify underperforming products and offers strategies to maximize the potential of top-performing items.

The Product Table dashboard is a one-stop-shop for all relevant product data and KPIs, including marketing spend, website activity, stock levels, customer behavior, and profitability. This comprehensive view of an eCommerce business empowers operators to make informed decisions that enhance the bottom line.

Fran Quilty, Conjura's Co-founder and CEO commented, "This is another important step for Conjura and the eCommerce community. We are proud to offer these innovative dashboards that are specifically designed to meet the needs of today's operators. With access to these insights and data-driven decision making tools, we are confident that eCommerce businesses can successfully mitigate market uncertainties and boost profitability."

Ecommerce operators are invited to experience the full potential of these powerful dashboards by signing up for Conjura's free trial. Simply visit https://conjura.com/sign-up_free_trial/ to start optimizing your ecommerce operations today.

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