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Conjura Unveils New Product - eAssessment

Empowering eCommerce Partners with Unparalleled Insights and Automated Analysis

Transforming eCommerce Analytics for Investors and Service Providers.

Dublin, Ireland, August 01, 2023 - - Conjura, a leader in eCommerce data analytics, is proud to announce the launch of its innovative new eAssessment product that is set to transform the landscape of eCommerce analytics for investors, lenders, advisors, and service providers. With a history of delivering meticulous due diligence on Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) companies for investors (PE & VC) and service providers, coupled with extensive experience in offering analytics to D2C operators, Conjura's fully automated platform generates comprehensive PDF reports on any eCommerce business, providing partners with groundbreaking value.

Fran Quilty, CEO at Conjura, shared his enthusiasm for this development, stating, "At Conjura, we are driven by the vision to empower businesses through transformative insights. Our platform is designed to make eCommerce analysis accessible for all players in the eCommerce ecosystem. We do this by offering strategic perspectives that complement and enhance existing analytics systems without seeking to replace them. We firmly believe that our reports serve as a vital tool for businesses, guiding their decisions and helping them achieve their growth objectives."

Empowering Decision-Making with Comprehensive Reports

Conjura's reports serve a dual purpose, providing a valuable diagnostic tool of potential new customers and facilitating an ongoing review of existing customers. These detailed reports offer indispensable insights that aid businesses in making informed decisions. For investors, lenders, advisors, and service providers, the reports offer an unparalleled perspective, providing key data points and benchmark comparisons that contextualize the performance of businesses relative to the market.

Complementary and Strategic Analysis

Unlike typical eCommerce analytics solutions, Conjura's platform stands out by offering a unique and complementary approach to analytics. While companies may have their own day-to-day eCommerce analytics solutions for their customers, Conjura's reports provide a more strategic analysis, identifying both strengths and areas of improvement by leveraging Conjura’s benchmark pool of over 10,000 companies to compare KPIs. This distinctive methodology ensures that businesses receive valuable perspectives that are not attainable through any other available automated solution on the market.

Demonstrated Value for Management Teams

Conjura's extensive experience with due diligence processes has showcased the significant benefits that management teams of various brands gain from their reports. The platform's insights reaffirm its value, guiding businesses to uncover untapped opportunities and optimize their operations effectively.

As Conjura sets out to revolutionize eCommerce analytics, the company remains committed to driving innovation and empowering businesses with actionable insights that will shape the future of eCommerce.

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