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Case Study

How Saint + Sofia Used Data to Optimize Customer Acquisition

Founded in 2020, Saint + Sofia is an online fashion brand that is serious about sustainability; using only natural or recycled fabrics, biodegradable packaging as well as planting trees to off-set their carbon footprint.


Expansion into new product lines & channels


Although Saint + Sofia had already spent years building a smart supply chain using data science and lean manufacturing principles to streamline costs, they still had limited visibility of their marketing and product performance. Being a high-growth business with ambitions to rapidly expand into new product lines, lack of visibility of performance was hampering their understanding of acquisition by product and channel.


To maintain high-growth and achieve a 360 view of its business, Saint + Sofia required an agile analytics solution that could cleanse their data both retrospectively and ongoing. This would allow them to clearly understand what was driving new customers to purchase, as well as their subsequent purchases in real-time.


High-growth assistance


The Conjura platform provided a seamless view of customer, marketing and product performance with the ability to track progress on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. This visibility assists the team at Saint + Sofia to stay on track. 


Conjura allowed Saint + Sofia to strategically examine how specific products and channels were driving acquisition and retention behaviour. Saint + Sofia were able to easily identify specific reasons for returns and highlight products that customers were not satisfied with. This enabled them to update offending elements such as confusing product descriptions or sizing instructions; improving customer satisfaction and reducing returns.


"Conjura has been the best investment we’ve made outside of our website." 

Dessi Bell, CEO at Saint + Sofia


Key acquisition products and channels identified


With Conjura’s product dashboard ranking products by number of new customers acquired against the amount of those customers who purchase again, Saint + Sofia were able to identify that a product that they were considering discontinuing was actually performing exceptionally well as an acquisition product! This has contributed to Saint + Sofia being able to maintain their return on ad spend (ROAS) over the last 12 months even with Marketing costs increasing significantly during this time.


“Additionally Conjura’s Product Scorecard led to a pricing review and changes across the entire product range which has contributed to average order value (AOV) increasing by 20% year on year (YoY).” - Henry Young, Head of Finance at Saint + Sofia.


Conjura’s platform also enabled Saint + Sofia to monitor and set acquisition targets across 5 key channels and 15 sub-channels, this gave all Marketing areas visibility and accountability. Combined with granular insights into acquisition, retention and LTV by channel this helped deliver a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) over 50%.

CAGR over 50%

thanks to real time accountability of KPIs across teams

ROAS maintained

after key acquisition products revealed in the data

AOV increase by 20% YoY

with the help of Conjura's product dashboards

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