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Case Study

How Wild Cosmetics Revolutionised Their Stock Forecasting with Data

Wild Cosmetics is a UK based subscription business that pioneered plastic-free refillable deodorant in 2019; tapping into a growing demand for a generation that scrutinises waste, unnecessary packaging and potentially harmful ingredients.


Poor product visibility with delayed data


With great growth, comes a great amount of data. For Wild, this meant an increasing strain on the team to download, dissect and manage their product data using only excel spreadsheets to visualise performance.This inefficient process meant that the brand struggled to accurately assess how product performance impacted their acquisition and retention in time to meet customer needs.



One view of performance for faster decision making 


By unifying their product and fulfilment data into a single source of truth, Conjura’s ecommerce analytics platform highlighted the best and worst performing SKUs on a daily basis, helping Wild to streamline their weekly stock forecasting and design a profitable pricing strategy that supported customer acquisition and their bottom line.


This visibility allowed Wild to keep track of product feedback loops and understand what wasn’t selling quickly enough, enabling Wild to better inform their discounting strategy to move those products faster.


"The Conjura platform has revolutionised our stock forecasting by giving us insights which allow us to accurately predict how and what customers are buying, allowing us to better inform our packaging, pick & pack strategy as well as streamline our operations over all."


Revolutionised stock forecasting


With Conjura’s performance analytics, Wild was able to easily cross reference insights around product mix, customer purchasing behaviour and the previous week’s sales; improving the accuracy of their stock forecasting as well as strengthening their overall product feedback loop.


This 360 view of their products also meant the brand could refine their warehouse pick & pack strategy, by moving their popular items to more accessible locations to significantly speed up the fulfilment process.



the accuracy of stock forecasting


pick & pack strategy


data-driven discounting strategy

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