Senior Machine Learning Engineer

What we do

Conjura helps businesses to connect and use their data in a way that drives performance. 

We identify what data can make the biggest impact for a company, transform it quickly and cost-effectively from a wide range of sources through the Conjura platform, and ultimately make it clear, reliable and easy to manage. 

Our head office is based in Dublin, located in Clonskeagh near the UCD campus. We also have data analysts and sales teams in London. However, as a remote-first company, location is not an issue and we also have staff based in Spain and Australia amongst others!

Working at Conjura

We’re always reaching for the latest approaches, tools and technology to enable ourselves to move fast. But we are more than just data analysis machines. We’re also a pretty sociable bunch, we love to pose a weekly company wide question and see whose brains are looking brawniest, as well as learn from each other’s expertise with weekly knowledge shares, not to mention a cheeky Friday pub session (when it’s not a global pandemic)!  

Being a Senior ML Engineer at Conjura

This role involves collaborating with Data Scientists to build bleeding edge, robust ML Pipelines in AWS. While the candidate doesnt need to be a data scientist they should have a solid understanding of the core AWS services that would underpin machine learning workloads.

Need to haves:

  • Deep understanding of AWS IAM – We operate multi tenant workloads across various AWS accounts, secure logical isolation of customer data is always front of mind. You should be comfortable crafting least privilege policies and navigating cross account AWS access etc.
  • Experience operating containerised ML workloads – Whether that’s ECS / Sagemaker / Kubernetes / AWS Batch or any of the other 17 ways to run containers on AWS we don’t mind.
  • Infrastructure as Code experience – We heavily use Terraform, but once you are familiar with Cloudformation, CDK, Pulumi or any method of programmatically creating infrastructure with AWS apis we are happy. No Click Ops! We treat having to press buttons to make things happen as a failure.
  • Solid CI/CD experience – We are trying to take our ML Ops to the next level. Building pipelines with GitHub Actions / CodePipeline / Step Functions is no big deal to you.
  • Always learning – You keep your ear to the ground, you are always on the lookout for new technologies / frameworks / services / patterns that can elevate your impact and the impact of the team.

Nice to haves:

  • Python proficiency – Python is used heavily at Conjura, if you are familiar with Python / pandas / package management and generally comfortable in the Python ecosystem that’s a huge bonus.
  • Testing experience – Are you familiar with unit testing / integration testing. Pytest, moto, testing the interaction of AWS services. i.e programmatically creating infrastructure and testing its validity.

Technology Shopping List:

This is some of the technology we use at Conjura. This is not a list of requirements but hopefully some of the list resonates with you or excites you!

  • Terraform (with Terraform Cloud orchestration)
  • Snowflake
  • dbt
  • Python / Django
  • GitHub Actions
  • AWS
    • Sagemaker
    • S3
    • Step Functions
    • Lambda
    • ECS (Fargate)
  • SciPy, Scikit-learn, statsmodels, Tensorflow, XGBoost and numpy

People who might be suitable for this role:

Data Scientists or Software Engineers with extremely strong cloud experience looking to build robust production ML Pipelines from the ground up.

Infrastructure Engineers, Cloud Engineers, “DevOps” Engineers looking to use their skills to build amazing ML pipelines and tooling. You’ll work closely with the Data Science team to deliver end to end solutions.

Successful applicants for a Senior ML Engineer t role will receive a full-time permanent offer, with a competitive salary, equity options, and flexibility to allow working remotely or at home.

Conjura team values

Curiosity – We NEED to know about our customers’ businesses, what makes the businesses tick and what will make it better. We continuously sharpen our skills and keep up to date with the latest approaches to analytics.

Collaboration – Yes we have degrees and PHDs, and we have done amazing things with data, but when we join Conjura we check our ego at the door. This is because, as individuals, we don’t have all the answers. The excellence of our team is shaped from multiple points of view and backgrounds working collaboratively. At the same time we are equally at home working independently – sometimes we need to take ownership.

Trustworthiness – We are trusted to produce accurate insights from commercially sensitive data sets. We must employ analytical rigor and quantitative reasoning skills.

Nimbleness – We need to flex when our client’s business, customers or market changes!

Clarity – We must simplify complexity and explain value points to time poor, inexpert stakeholders. We have a passion for communicating ideas with data and technology.


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