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Case Study

Keeping up With Customers

This petcare subscription business was founded in 2019 to help UK pet owners to care properly for their furry little friends, providing a range of products to help with pets’ well-being.


Fast business, slow data

45% of people in the UK own a pet, and with many of them treating their pets like their children, this business was growing faster than they could fetch their data. In fact, across the business siloed data sources were being used in their raw, uncleaned state, making it hard to make heads or tails out of anything.

What a bunch of mucky pups!

What they really needed was to bring all their data sources together, clean them up and get them to play nicely together. A reliable place to access information that could be trusted by the whole business and used to drive automated reporting and self-serve analytics; helping them to pick up the pace and keep up with their four legged customers.


Driving ‘speed to answer’

We threw them a bone by creating a trusted and curated data source for the business, automating the data processing from all of their cloud-based tools via the Conjura Platform.

Suddenly, the business was receiving a range of critical reports covering daily flash KPIs, online and offline marketing performance, customer churn and monthly recurring revenue amongst other treats. So instead of manually creating critical reports over many hours each week, the team was able to fit in a cat nap and still have all the reporting they needed.


Data can now keep up!

As a result of all this good grooming, the business identified several trends that helped grow revenue via TV advertising and decrease customer churn through effective education of their customer base. By being able to ask and answer questions quickly, their data could finally keep up with the business and dog and cat parents all lived happily ever after.

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