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Case Study

Unhealthy Amounts of Data

A responsible retailer on a mission to help customers consume more consciously with sustainable, traceable and natural products to support their health and wellbeing.


So much data, so little visibility

When it comes to data, abundance isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Despite a hearty helping of paid campaigns on the go and new customers being successfully engaged, this retailer’s revenue was somehow looking rather gaunt.

They needed their bottom line to be strong, not skinny!

To sustain their business properly they would need to get their best sources of data together to reveal the true tea about marketing performance. What was working, what wasn’t and most importantly – why?


Connecting marketing data with transaction data and customer information

Armed with the finest matcha powder and a fistful of himalayan sea salt we connected, cleansed and transformed their data straight unto the warm embrace of the Conjura Platform. 

With bespoke dashboards displaying their marketing activities at a single customer and product level, they were able to identify preferences, trends and seasonal influences on their revenue and spot all obstacles in their way. Instead of spending time dredging through data each week, this granular breakdown gave instant visibility on performance of campaigns, allowing fast, dynamic reallocation of budget and maximising efficiency overall. 

Finally they could determine a good customer from a bad one and see who they needed to be targeting to see that shiny ROI.


Acquiring the right type of customer

Purified data allowed this business to accurately calculate the lifetime value of its newly acquired customers and determine that those acquired through social media were worth 30% more than those from paid search. Finally some clarity! The Conjura platform also revealed that there had been accidental double counting of some purchases, which in turn had led to misinformed decisions. But no more! With their data now in order, this kind of mistake was now eliminated and online revenue skyrocketed tripling year-on-year!

With all this visibility they no longer felt nuts – but that’s also because their customers had now cleaned them out of that stock.

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