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Scale faster with multi-channel data analytics

If you're not using multichannel analytics you’re not looking in all the right places

There is almost no end to the places you can go in the digital world, and this almost endless space means there’s virtually an endless supply of data and information. Your clients and customers have so many different ways to find your website, likewise there are many different distractions that can take them away from your website.  Understanding what routes your customers take to get to your eCommerce store is very important.  

Learn how your customers find your site

It is important to know where a customer’s purchase came from. For instance, maybe the purchase came from following a social media link, or perhaps the customer found your site through web search or maybe they came to your site through an ad on a news site.

Knowing how your clients find their way to your store is data gold. An invaluable eCommerce analytical tool for unpacking how clients come to your store is the multi channel funnel. 

Follow the data, wherever it is

Conjura uses multi channel funnels to collect data across all possible digital channels which allows us to provide the best picture of how your company is performing.

We can then combine all the data taken from all these channels and provide a better, more direct understanding of what your company is doing and what they can improve upon.

It cannot be overstated: for your company to succeed and be the best it can be you must comb through and understand the data.  

eCommerce analytics tools and what they can do for you

Collecting the data is the first step; the next step is to condense the data into an easily understandable report. This report is called a multi channel funnel report. The report should highlight goals and present strategies that can bring in the greatest revenues.

We compare and contrast performance analytics across different functions and the different channels that bring in clients and then help you evaluate the impact the channels are having on your business. 

If one channel is more impactful than another then that channel should be prioritized over the channels that are less effective.  

Data will help you with your goals

The multichannel report can also help you look at multiple goals.  For example perhaps you have a goal of retaining customers while also bringing in new customers. 

This report can help you see how you are doing on these two different goals. Ultimately this report can tell you what channel is having the most impact on your company. This information is priceless. 

Learn how to let the data drive you

Conjura understands that the data can’t speak for itself; it needs to be broken down and interpreted correctly. We believe that eCommerce analytical tools should allow you to turn visitors to your website into customers, and ideally life-long customers.

These tools should also help you build a better and more effective marketing strategy. Ultimately using analytical tools will mean that your decisions will be driven by the data which in turn means that the amount of risk your company takes will be limited.  

Achieve your eCommerce goals

In short, for your eCommerce to be successful you will need to apply multichannel analytics to your business strategy.  Conjura analyzes the data across all digital channels, and applies data in a way that makes it more possible for you to achieve your goals. 

We present the data to you in a way that makes the most sense so that you can run your business more smoothly which will ultimately benefit you financially, which in turn brings you more peace of mind.

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